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Your Opinion: Longer careers, more medical bills

Your Opinion: Longer careers, more medical bills

May 3rd, 2018 by Tom Ault, Jefferson City in Opinion

Dear Editor:

I wonder if everyone gets tired of what is called "statistics."

I recently read a list of "statistics" which meant very little to me. One thing did catch my attention; that was the realization that people in the age bracket of 55 and older will increase in the employment field.

Just looking at facts, (rather than statistics that could be swayed depending on the statistician's bent) I did see something to be discussed.

Originally when a person reached the age of 65, they were considered too old to be of value. Fortunately, that has taken an important turn. It has been discovered that not only are the older generation more dependable, but also more caring about their work. Many of them have been forced into retirement, receiving an amount of money based on "long ago" values, because they have reached a retirement age. People that have been told that Social Security, plus whatever other means they could derive an income from, in savings or investments, would see them through their "golden" years.

Have you noticed with the new minimum wage increase, more older people are working due to necessity, and younger ones are being replaced.

I don't know about you, but I have found the golden age means we get to give most of our gold to the medical profession. The alternative could be to not live so long since "statistics" of the '50s and '60s were based on a much lower age of leaving the world of the living. Gee thanks!

I don't know the "statistics" of my generation regarding health-care costs versus income, but I do know that some of us, even in what is considered good health for our age, find the new medical profession a less that desirable necessity. When we used to go to a doctor, he or she understood our body as a whole, and most often correctly analyzed our problems. Now, our doctor is like a policeman at the crosswalk. He or she takes our co-pay, then directs us to a "specialist" who takes his/her copay and then bills the insurance company for an exorbitant amount, which gets cut down by the insurance company to an amount they both agree is okay. Of course the original amount was ridiculous in the first place. I can tell you the percent of our income versus our medical expenses is outrageous!