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Your Opinion: Progress or lack of it?

Your Opinion: Progress or lack of it?

May 2nd, 2018 by Tom Ault, Jefferson City in Opinion

Dear Editor:

What is the value of a two-party system, or any other system, that depends on civil servants who serve their own agenda rather than the agenda of the constituents who elected them? What if the "party line" is not for the people? Who cares "what party" if it is in the people's best interest? No matter what is promised, or what can be (hopefully) accomplished by the selectee, it is next to impossible for them to do the job for which they were elected when so much garbage is continuously dredged up.

Are we to believe that people never change and if they did something in the past they were too stupid to learn from their mistakes? Can any of us say we never did anything that we would prefer be left in the past and forgotten? Perhaps it is time to say "enough is enough!"

We need to vote for what the candidate hopes to accomplish. It is no secret that he or she cannot deliver all he or she hopes to! There are too many variables, but hopefully, most of what he or she uses as a format to run on will be accomplished — such is the gamble in politics, or any other venture that is based on future goals.

Presently we are all bathed in the quagmire of every judgment error that can be dredged up. So many fine folks are being drawn into this lure of hatred that it is conceivable we will never crawl out of it.

Remember the lesson about letting those without guilt throwing the first stone? Let's look into the mirror and look at our own past before judging someone else.

Perhaps the important thing we need to direct our attention to is what the person we would like to elect, or have elected, can do. Do they have the background for the job; have they been dedicated to the purpose of the office; do they have the mental agility to weather the many storms that will face them; and, have they offered to us what we need, rather than what we sometimes want? If in office, have they had enough time to accomplish the agenda they set forth in their platform?

Let's think forward and not dredge up our elective's past. Unsavory things will be found, but if we allow those errors to taint today's progress, nothing will be accomplished.