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Your Opinion: Scientific evidence thwarts atheist's argument

Your Opinion: Scientific evidence thwarts atheist's argument

March 8th, 2018 by Edward L. Bode, Jefferson City in Opinion

Edward L. Bode

Jefferson City

Dear Editor:

Currently a Missouri atheist is arguing that a donated court motto, In God We Trust, violates the U.S. Constitution because the motto is against the establishment of religion, especially since "God" is a Christian word of religion.

I wonder if the arguer is aware of the current scientific evidence about the existence of our universe, which began in time about 13.6 billion years ago.

In 1931, a famous Missourian, Edwin Hubble, showed his telescope photos, which showed the universe is expanding, to Albert Einstein. That evidence convinced Einstein that the universe was not eternal as he had thought but had a beginning. Nothing produces/causes nothing; so, there has to be an immortal extra-universe cause. That extra-universe cause is customarily referred to as "Creator" and "God."

Now, additional scientific evidence about human life and the constant laws of physics results in the mathematical probability of our universe existing without an extra-universe cause is 10 to the 10th power to the 123rd power. To print that formula with the zeros after the decimal point would fill the Milky Way.

So, I would argue that "Creator" and "God" also have a secular meaning beyond the field of religion. Hence, the court motto does not necessarily deal with religion or its establishment.

Science has come a long way in the current knowledge of the universe.

Incidentally, if one were to shrink the age of the universe to one year, mankind (homo sapiens) would not appear until New Year's Eve. Let's have sober celebration.

For detailed information on or universe, check the internet: