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Your Opinion: Trump attacks going too far

Your Opinion: Trump attacks going too far

March 6th, 2018 by Tom Ault, Jefferson City in Opinion

While it is completely out of character for me to write about something that could cause backlash, I have decided to do it anyway. I don't know how anyone else feels, but whether you like President Trump or not, listening to, or reading all of the garbage mouths out there is not only distasteful, but very disturbing to me.

If I decided to run for public office, I would have to do so with disgust of the reporters of the news immediately because no doubt they would attack my wife. For some reason or other, whether we like the president or not makes no difference! It is deceitful to continuously attack his wife. She is doing her very best to do what is expected of her and all you hear about is the way she dresses, her jewelry, her lovely figure and facebut in a very discouraging way. (I think we had a recent president whose wife was disrespectful of her position according to the way she dressed the first four years)

It seems to me that the reporter, Brzezinski, stepped out of bounds asking the president's daughter whether she believed her father was innocent of the bazaar accusations of "several" women that he was fresh with. I have to tell you that if they were to ask your daughter a question of that type, I would expect her to defend you because that is what family doesdefend one another. I don't care if that daughter was an advisor to you or not, she should not have been asked to comment on your past behavior.

To what depths of insanity have we fallen? Is there anything that a person can't be accused of? Is there no decency left in this country?

It seems to me it is time to stop the witch hunting and get down to real business instead of "over the backyard fence" gossip.

It is time for our elected officials to do what they were elected to do!

Just imagine how much money is being spent on investigations that go nowhere and on attorneys that know a good thing when they see it and cash in. How about the time wasted on this ridiculous political nonsense that should be spent on the business of statedoing what is right and good for our country. At this point in time they are making our nation a laughing stock as well as a basis for the world's ridicule.