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Your Opinion: Just disgusted

Your Opinion: Just disgusted

June 27th, 2018 by Tom Ault, Jefferson City in Opinion

Dear Editor:

Reading, day after the day, the same thing or watching television news to hear and see the same thing over and over again, even trying to listen to the radio in my car the same nonsense. When are these political children going to stop tossing gossip and half truths about like toys in a playpen?

Today it is so simple to look things up, not at just one source, but at dozens of them on the internet, and the truth stands out magnificently.

I have, on several occasions, criticized the media for adding to the gossip being thrust upon us by the political hacks that are out there from both parties. For the most part it is half-truths, partial statements, and outright untruthful statements that we are supposed to believe. I believe the term "brainwashing" is one of substance in this matter.

For those who are not familiar with the term, the dictionary describes it this way, "To alter the convictions, beliefs, etc. by any means of intensive, coercive indoctrination." (Funk and Wagnalls Standard Desk Dictionary, Volume 1)

A few days ago I listened to a press conference at the White House during which several reporters showed their total ignorance of the information they were requesting. By their bias remarks they misrepresented their company's integrity and hopefully were given proper guidance before anything was written by them.

I don't know how to get a leash on this disgusting situation. I do believe that if the time spent on this foolishness, this jealous feeling of loss, or whatever you want to call their childish actions, was spent on doing what should be done by the politicians and the reporters, the country would be a much better place.

The amount of time, energy and money that is being wasted on stupidity in this country is appalling. Too many of our political "talking heads" have spent too much time in school and not enough time in the real world. Our colleges now think they have the answer to all of the ills of the world but have forgotten to look into the mirror to see where most of the very things they are screaming about came from.

Am I wrong to believe that our country is God-fearing, wholesome and relentless in its desire to be fair and honest in dealing with other countries and our own people? Is this yesterday's thinking?