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Your Opinion: Spring brings mosquitoes, ticks, climate alarmists

Your Opinion: Spring brings mosquitoes, ticks, climate alarmists

June 11th, 2018 by Nelson Otto, Jefferson City in Opinion

Dear Editor:

It's spring and warm weather brings out the mosquitoes, ticks, and climate alarmists. With some of these pests one can buy sprays that usually repel them. Alarmists are a little harder to repel. They keep coming back again and again putting their buzz words in our ear till they can sneak in for a quick jab. Sucking as much blood money from us as they can before it starts to irritate and itch till they are finally swatted with reality.

For alarmists perception is everything. One cannot proclaim global warming if it is 10 degrees outside but after those first few warm days of spring and summer they start coming for us. The so-called carbon tax isn't about helping the poor it is more a vain attempt to hurt the "rich" fossil fuel companies. Companies which provide to the American people valuable life and labor saving services to those who choose to buy their products. A really good book that explains this better than I can in a LTE is "The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels" by Alex Epstein. Alarmists are constantly warning us of outrageous outcomes of climate change but this isn't real either, a really good video for people to see was produced by Prager University with Bjorn Lomborg's head of the Copenhagen Consensus at Lomborg goes into detail as to how alarmists are actually hurting the climate change movement and the poor with their wild claims and unproductive political and social demands.

I truly believe this is a free country and should remain so. If you truly believe fossil fuel companies are evil and CO2 is making climate worse, then you are free to live a fossil-fuel-free life. Just check out the internet, there are many websites that will give you ideas and plans for living a life free of fossil fuels. Although you can't find them if you look up life without fossil fuels, that will only lead to pages about climate change. You will have to look for sites, that talk about hunting, backwoods living, primitive life or Amish living etc. However for those of us who live by science and reason, let us be free to base our lifestyle on what we know is true.