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Your Opinion: Ride-sharing insurance: The rest of the story

Your Opinion: Ride-sharing insurance: The rest of the story

July 11th, 2018 in Opinion

Velma Steinman

Jefferson City

Dear Editor:

This is regarding the article by the Associated Press and printed in the News Tribune business section on Friday, June 16, 2018, regarding additional rider insurance for riders of Uber and Lyft.

They only printed half of the information. Does this company have representatives (agents) in Missouri for the riders of Missouri to submit a claim to face to face? If it is like the driver insurance that they offer to drivers to cover their earnings in they are injured in an accident, then they do not. If you are a driver and must file a claim, it is online and through a company called One Beacon dba Brentwood Services Administrators Inc. in Brentwood, Tennessee, not Missouri.

Please beware if you are thinking of purchasing this, because if you do, do not expect the Missouri Department of Insurance to help you. There is no help there for this type of insurance.

I think the News Tribune should investigate a story a little than just accepting it as “Gospel” because it came from the Associated Press.