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Your Opinion: Living in disgust in our land of milk and honey

Your Opinion: Living in disgust in our land of milk and honey

February 12th, 2018 by Tom Ault, Jefferson City in Opinion

Dear Editor:

We are living in a time of disgust, irritation and even hatred. How foolish we are. We live in a country that is a continent of beauty in itself from the seas to the mountains, from the prairies to the forests. It is a land of "milk and honey."

Time is spent suing people when we used to settle problems through personal moderation, deriding our neighbors when we used to be compassionate about their friendship, passing rumors that have no value and frequently are not only untrue but harmful. We used to leave that up to "busy-bodies" and we kept our distance from them when possible.

We used to have compassion for those around us, the scam artists and professional beggers were few and far between. The more conveniences we have the worse we become could it be that we have too much time our hands? Could it be we have grown to expect too much while giving too little? Is a dollar more valuable that our integrity?

Many years ago, a plan was put into play that would eliminate our then-close family structure, recreate the way teaching was done, creating a new direction toward self-destruction, called materialism. The plan was to have patience, plant the seeds, and nurture them quietly. They waited until the time was right to place the government in charge of everything and everyone. This plan would allow the majority of our citizens to become complacent and willing to accept, rather than to give. Everyone would be equal.

If we look closely today we find far more government assistance, more government subsidies, and more inflated costs where the needs are many and the benefits are few. Consider medicine. What country has so many legal necessities or medical (unreachable) benefits than we do? How much is spent on medical and legal situations that we did not have to spend those many years ago.

"Be careful what you ask for, you might just get it," my mother used to tell me. Today is the beginning of the dream come true for those who set that old plan in place as they and their students are seeing their achievement of our country's destruction today!

We can no longer allow "political correctness" that borders on idiocy, or freedom of speech that allows anything to "go." We need decency, respect, tolerance with reason, and belief in our God.