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Your Opinion: America is great, no thanks to Trump

Your Opinion: America is great, no thanks to Trump

February 11th, 2018 by Daniel L. Kottman, Jefferson City in Opinion

Dear Editor:

I always cringe whenever I hear, "Give Trump a chance. He will make America great again."

First of all, America is great right now. We owe that greatness to the wisdom of our Founding Fathers who gave us a Constitution to govern our lives by. We are a country of law. We are not a country governed by the whims of a banana republic "dear leader." In America, no one is above the law. No one man is the law.

Secondly, the phrase "make America great again" says to me that, in order for us to be great, we have to move backwards. America cannot move backwards. Greatness is not what awaits us if we move backwards. I can't think of one time in my life, and I am almost 70, that I want to go back to. The good ol' days weren't all that great for me personally, and I suspect that is probably true for all of us, and for our country as well. We have had good times and bad times as a nation, but we always moved forward with a positive attitude of goodwill toward all people. Moving backwards as a nation is not a step toward greatness.

And finally, although I sincerely and honestly do respect the office of the president, I cannot, and will not respect this man. He lost me the day he mocked the disabled reporter from the New York Times (and please don't insult my intelligence by telling me that he wasn't mocking that reporter — my eyes work just fine). He lies as easily as he breathes. His biography reveals the life of a cheat, a con man, and a bully. He calls his critics "treasonous," although there is ample evidence that he, himself, is intimately involved with, and indeed, may even be giving "aid and comfort" to a hostile foreign power. He is unfit for the office he holds.

Yesterday, I watched as Elon Musk, an immigrant, made scientific history by launching his Falcon Heavy rocket into space. Watching those two booster rockets land simultaneously on landing pads in controlled landings was like watching something out of science fiction for me. These are the kind of things that make America great — not some wall along our southern border, not an immigration policy that tears apart families, and certainly not some political pun on a baseball cap.