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Your Opinion: Congress flails, but Trump on track

Your Opinion: Congress flails, but Trump on track

February 7th, 2018 by Charles Schroeder, Westphalia in Opinion

Dear Editor:

President Trump had a physical and mental health check-up a couple weeks ago (excellent). I wish some of our senators got a mental exam. They are not as smart nor as sharp as they think they are. They allowed our country to go in debt $20 trillion. "No budget for over 10 years."

They just honored Sen. Bob Dole with the Congressional Gold Metal. They should follow his example, working across party lines, putting the country before politics. I wish that we had Senate leaders today that would put our country before their politics, their personal love of money, power and the camera.

We now have the Washington Establishment that has almost destroyed our Democratic Republic.

They say to kill a snake, you cut its head off. I'm not proposing to cut anyone's head off. What I am proposing is that the leadership in the Washington Establishment need to be replaced. Sen. Schumer, Rep. Pelosi, Sen. McConnell, Sen. McCain (Yes, even though he deserves to be honored with the Congressional Gold Metal, it is time for him to go).

We have a "do nothing" Senate, and it all started under Sen. Harry Reid.

This is not just a Republican or just a Democratic issue. Both parties are one and the same, they are the establishment. They need to be hit with a stupid stick. Congress passed hundreds of bills, and the Senate never took them to a vote.

"Schumer's Government Shutdown." He just had to exercise his power over his fellow senators. Good news, 33 of them voted to reopen the government on the second vote.

On the Dreamers "DACA," President Trump wants a permanent solution, not deportation. Democrats had eight yeas to do a solution. Trump's second executive order should have been a four-year ban on all immigration except in extreme situations. His first executive order should have been to make it a crime to desecrate the U.S.A. Flag. One year jail, $1,000 fine.

Give Trump a chance, he is on the right track to make America Great Again.