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Your Opinion: Charity must begin at home

Your Opinion: Charity must begin at home

February 4th, 2018 by Sue Bower, Jefferson City in Opinion

Dear Editor:

I am an American dreamer. I am a parent of a Down Syndrome daughter. I knew God could make her as "normal" as possible if we worked hard enough to make "our" dreams come true. Being a "dreamer" is not, in and of itself, a reason for "achieving" in America. I would rather see "achievers" come to America — achievers who respect America and Americans and the rules on which our nation was based. They follow the legal pathways to immigrate into the U.S.

As a mother, if I were Hispanic and my children were in danger or had no chance of becoming an achiever in my nation, I would do anything to get them to a country where they could succeed. If I were able to get them into France, we would become French citizens, admiring French history, mastering the language, accepting and adapting to French traditions and customs. France would be our country because we chose to flee our country and move to France. The same must be expected of an immigrant coming into the United States.

My ancestors immigrated from Germany. I don't speak German. I speak English. I love the U.S. I honor our flag. I pay taxes. I vote. I love the freedoms America has fought for over and over again. I am an American. People from other nations seeking to enter the U.S. legally and eventually to become citizens should expect to do no less than my ancestors. They are first in line to enter the U.S. We must respect our own laws so we can respect these future citizens who are obeying our laws even as they await their entrance into the U.S.

Countries like Sweden are overwhelmed by the educational and medical costs associated with bringing in immigrants. Our nation is also facing these costs. As a Christian, I am torn between the scammers, the able-bodied people who don't want to work but expect others to provide for them, and those who honestly and desperately need help. Where should we stand — for or against our laws, for or against Americans, for or against the truly needy, for or against the self-promoters? Charity must begin at home first or else America won't be able to be that light to the world.