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Your Opinion: NT’s bias against Trump

Your Opinion: NT’s bias against Trump

December 5th, 2018 in Opinion

Harold H. Horstmann


Dear Editor:

It seems like the media bias will never stop. Your 11/27/2018 headline “GM to lay off up to 14K workers, close as many as 5 plants” is to me another prime example of exploiting bad news. I can’t seem to remember when there has been any headline of good news in your paper since Trump was elected. Of course the only place one can find anything positive Trump has accomplished is on conservative media and/or commentary. So what’s the truth? A logical-thinking person would think it’s somewhere in the middle and pardon me, but isn’t that what journalism is for, to ferret out and report the truth? Well, not anymore folks! News reporting now is all about liberal ideology, which means only report bad news on Republicans and good news on Democrats.

The closest respectable conservative news source I know of and is the polar opposite of the leftist Washington Post is the Washington Times. One way to get to the truth anymore is to read both the Times and the Post and then try to figure what the truth really is. That way you can read the biased news from both sides and then you have to sort it out. Where does that leave us? Nowhere, but that’s where we are since journalism is dead.

For those who are interested in an opposing view to the leftist media and other Trump haters, the following 5/6/2018 Washington Times article by Robert Knight: “Giving Trump’s accomplishments their due” ( may be something you should read. This article lists 19 accomplishments. I am not endorsing this information as all true, but I have no doubt that some if not most is true and should warrant some exposure.

I challenge the News Tribune to investigate every accomplishment listed and objectively review each of those and publish a headline of just one of those accomplishments that would be considered important to the future of us as American citizens. I’m sure there is one that would be more important to report than GM laying off workers.