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Your Opinion: Keep fighting the climate alarmists

Your Opinion: Keep fighting the climate alarmists

December 5th, 2018 in Opinion

Nelson Otto

Jefferson City

Dear Editor:

After reading the article from the Washington post in Sunday’s paper, I had to say that was the biggest bunch of huey I’ve read in a long time. For an analysis of the article see Paul Homewood’s article in “Not a lot of People Know That.” Also read technocracy news article titled, “Seth Borenstein: Portrait Of A Master Climate Propagandist Masquerading As A Journalist.”

PJ Media just published an article that the new NCA report is “Embarrassing.” They reported that the two past winters have been especially cold over North America and November 2018 set low temperature records across the contiguous U.S. with three winter storms as of Nov. 28 and the coldest Thanksgiving in 100 years. This article as many others will also attest to that “peer reviewed papers have documented no increase in extreme weather events in recent years. Some extreme weather events like tornadoes and associated damages in the U.S. have declined significantly in the last 20 years.” Hurricanes are also at a record low. According to this article and many others, there has been a significant reduction in forest fires over the past century. As armadillos are supposed to be a sign of global warming, snowy owls are showing up in large numbers in Ohio and even as far south as Kentucky. So can we claim them to be the harbingers of global cooling. There is even an article that 2018 is the third year in a row of cooling global temperatures and arctic sea ice soars. The Northwest passage was closed the entire year this year. The Hudson Bay froze earlier than average for the second straight year. Yet alarmists want us to believe we are in mortal peril from global warming. People in the U.S. need to wake up see the protest taking place in France as the people are now fighting the carbon taxes there. Don’t let the “fees” get a foot hold here and keep fighting cause the alarmist won’t give up till they have total control over your life.