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Your Opinion: Response to Haslag

Your Opinion: Response to Haslag

December 2nd, 2018 in Opinion

Steven Brown

Holts Summit

Dear Editor:

Perception is not reality. Take Robert Haslag’s letter to the editor in Wednesday’s paper for instance. I’m not sure what or if he’s smoking, but it appears the Trump Syndrome is affecting his judgment.

Haslag’s perception of President Trump mocking a Gold Star family for instance is skewed at best. The Muslim family went to the DNC and made it political, used their son’s death as a pawn to damage Trump’s stand on immigration. Shame on them, not President Trump.

The no name incident, perceived by Robert, was nothing more than a hit job by a liberal radical Democrat Rep. Frederica S. Wilson, who forced her way into this family’s tragedy in order to make headlines. As usual, the news media were willing accomplices.

The military’s job, National Guard or full time, are there to protect our borders. I’m sure considering Mr. Haslag’s vast military knowledge, if he has any at all, will concur this is their job. I spent three Christmas’s away from home. It’s what we did, it’s what they do. Your heart rending whining about missing their families during the holidays is laughable. Do you think the military shuts down and everybody goes home? That’s why so few protect so many, it’s a tough job.

President Trump has done more in so many ways for the military than the past three presidents have combined. Equipment, changing rules of engagement (a big deal), and a pay raise are just a very few of the examples. The Hillary supporting general that got permission, finally, from Obama, to pull the trigger on the mission, did not kill OBL. The operators on the ground did. No active military should have a political opinion. Save it for when you retire.

A rant like Mr. Haslag’s confirms to me that liberalism is a form of mental disorder that results in having Trump Syndrome. The only cure is common sense. God bless America.