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Your Opinion: Keep us free from the carbon fee

Your Opinion: Keep us free from the carbon fee

December 2nd, 2018 in Opinion

Nelson Otto

Jefferson City

Dear Editor:

Nancy Ames' letter to the editor of Nov. 27 was filled with false information that needs to be cleared up. CO2 is a harmless colorless odorless gas. Reducing carbon emissions will do nothing to clean the air and according to the EPA the air is cleaner than it has ever been. CO2 does not cause asthma, nor does it increase asthma attacks. CO2 has nothing to do with water quality as CO2 is a harmless gas. In fact, we put it into water to make sparkling water and it is used in beer, Champagne and soft drinks. CO2 is necessary for plants to live, the more CO2 the faster and better plants grow. Growers pump CO2 into greenhouses to increase plant growth and production. Studies show that the earth is greening because of the increased CO2 and food production has increased. Thanks to the technology that uses fossil fuels our air and water are cleaner, food is actually better in quality. But don't take my word for it, check out a recent report in Investor's Business Daily, watch the video, IBD claims all the information is coming from actual climate scientists.

Since 1988 people like Al Gore and James Hansen (one of the key members of Citizen Climate Lobby) have made prediction after prediction, warning us that we will soon be past the point of no return. Each one of those deadlines has passed been reset and passed again. A really good commentary on this can be found on the Institute for Energy Research website entitled "Climate Alarm: Failed Prognostications." Another really good commentary on the same site is "Would a Carbon Tax Dividend help poor households?" There is another paper provided by the Cato Institute called "The Case Against a Carbon Tax." There is another good article in the Frazer Forum titled "Interpret new carbon tax study with caution." The truth is all the climate change global warming isn't about changing the climate, or helping people. It is about money, punishing the perceived rich and giving up power over your life to other people. We have a right to make our own choices without being punished, especially when the negative result of our actions are constantly being proven false. It is time that people start fighting back. Contact your congressman and legislator and tell them to reduce regulations and keep us "free from the fee."


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