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Your Opinion: Response to immigration letter

Your Opinion: Response to immigration letter

August 8th, 2018 by Charlotte Schnieders, Jefferson City in Opinion

Dear Editor:

America is the most generous country in the world and why a staggering 30,000 to over 50,000 illegals cross the border each month. Five out of six children come with a human or drug trafficker — their parents put this child at risk, not our beneficent government. Democrats send legal teams to the border and beyond to coach illegals to claim asylum, so extensive investigations by hard-working ICE agents (not thugs) occur to determine if criminals are using children to enter. These illegals get meals, health evaluations, education, games, baths, clothing and are taught to use bathrooms and showers. Pictures of children in cages were taken during the Obama administration and used by our dishonest media for fear-mongering.

Authoritarian regimes take rights away from people — our Democratic Party is promoting Socialism enticing the nave with "free" single-payer "rationing" healthcare ($32.6 trillion), "free" tuition, guaranteed jobs and wages — to receive, you only have to give up all freedoms! Venezuela, the oil and gold-rich country under Socialist leaders, by December will suffer a one million percent inflation rate!!!! Trump is giving Americans control over their lives. Globalists like Soros, Obama, Clinton and the Democratic Party lie about him 24/7, while he's creating jobs (3.7 million so far), fighting MS13 gangs, strengthening the military/trade agreements/tariffs, renegotiating poor agreements and killing disastrous regulations by previous administrations.

Feinstein, a 26-year Democratic senator, hastily wrote a bill that prohibits law enforcement agencies throughout the USA from removing a child from criminal parents near a port of entry or 100 miles from a border. This covers most of U.S. territory and over 200 million people. Since no distinction was made to agencies working on the border, to define a child, or officers, the bill would regulate conduct almost everywhere in the country and include U.S citizens under 18 years. Example: a murdering drug trafficker with daughter could not be arrested by FBI agents without booking her with him or not at all. Every Democratic senator signed onto this bill. Do you want these extremely careless people running our country?

The only reason Democrats want open borders is to allow illegals in, give them and prisoners the right to vote so they can permanently take control of the government and control you. If people so hate this country, "leave" and allow others to benefit!