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Your Opinion: Mudslinging sullies Republican campaigns

Your Opinion: Mudslinging sullies Republican campaigns

July 29th, 2016 by Lawrence Wansing, Meta in Opinion Letters

Dear Editor:

If you have been watching TV the past month or so you are aware of the mud slinging, back stabbing and downright dirty changes that the Republican candidates for governor, lieutenant governor, attorney general and secretary of state running in Missouri have been throwing at each other.

If this is all true then why should any of them be elected to that office? They are all too corrupt and don't deserve to be elected. This is what the Republicans themselves are saying about each other.

All the Democrats have to do is sit back and take it all in.

The gubernatorial candidates keep harping about those "career politicians."

Don't they know that Missouri Legislature has been in total control of their party now for quite a long time?

We all know it is in total control of the man from the Folk, Mo., a Mr. Sinquefield.

He has given $445 million to the Republicans over the last few years.

He got his big tax cut which is already having an ill effect on Missouri.

He wants Missouri to be like Kansas that is basically broke. As you know Kansas had to shut down their schools last spring because they ran out of money. They ran out of money because of mass tax cuts that was given to the super rich. Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback then pushed through a sales tax increase which hit the poor and middle class the hardest.

That is Mr. Sinquefield's plan for Missouri also. He has praised the Kansas governor numerous times because of his fantastic plan.

Missouri had better keep a Democrat in the governor's office or it will happen in Missouri too.

The people of Missouri had better keep on their toes