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Your Opinion: Blame for lack of labeling

I have been a beef producer in Missouri for over 20 years.

Your Opinion: Civil War aim unequivocal

Abraham Lincoln understood full well the ambiguity of the Union cause at the outset of the Civil War and arguments future generations may make regarding the crux of the conflict.

Our Opinion: ‘Drive sober,’ reduce risks, save lives

Drunk driving is no accident. It results from an impaired decision, and it causes accidents.

Your Opinion: An example of ‘conflict resolution gone wrong’

In response to Kristie Scheulen’s letter of Aug. 16 regarding the violence surrounding the one-year anniversary of the death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, I must first admit to being as unfamiliar with some of the aesthetic qualities of black culture as any other white person.

Your Opinion: Reaction to rally focusing on Confederate flag

Sunday’s front page article “Scores rally round Confederate battle flag” could have been entitled, “A Lighthearted Look at Celebrating a Flag that stood for Enslavement, and, post Civil-war, Oppression of Black Americans.”

Your Opinion: Dress code comments exemplify ‘rape culture’

The Kansas City Star reports that, on the heels of two state legislators having been exposed for sexual harassment and other improprieties with interns, among remedies being proposed by lawmakers themselves is a dress code for the interns.

Our Opinion: Let sensible, professional standards prevail

Having a common-sense dress code must remain separate from allegations of “victim-blaming” and “a culture that excuses sexual violence.”

Your Opinion: More capable leaders needed

Whether returning from abroad by cruise ship or airplane there is nothing more pleasing to this American citizen than seeing the beautiful red/white/blue American flag blowing in the breeze.

Your Opinion: Movement indulges in self-pity

The fanatical “Black Lives Matter” movement is the biggest pity party in America.

Your Opinion: The rest of the story on school taxes

In a recent article the Jefferson City School District informed us that the school tax rate was not going to increase this year.

Our Opinion: Educators share messages as school begins

Excitement, expansion, excellence — those were among themes emphasized by educators as area schools begin their fall terms.

Our Opinion: Heart Walk: meaningful and ‘family friendly’

Heart disease is America’s leading killer, so it is no surprise it touches many lives both in Central Missouri and nationwide.

Your Opinion: Better uses for proceeds from sheriff’s barbecue

This is in reference to money from the Cole County Sheriff’s Barbecue being used to used to fund slogans for over 30 sheriff’s department squad cars. Seriously?

Your Opinion: Violations don’t nullify commandments

Just because there are instances that the commandments are violated, doesn’t mean they are of no effect.

Your Opinion: Time for Ferguson to move on

Here we are, one year later, 40 new laws across the country, a black police chief in Ferguson along with more black police officers and sympathetic support from white city officials and what have we got — the same old Ferguson.