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Our Opinion: War on meth must attack both supply and demand

Recent reports show the folly of attacking the supply of the illegal and dangerous drug methamphetamine, without attempting to reduce demand.

Our Opinion: Understanding our diversity; obeying the law

“Condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance.” That well-known quotation has been attributed to a number of people, including Albert Einstein.

Our Opinion: Safety of child passengers is essential

Words don’t always match deeds, particularly when it comes to child passenger safety.

Your Opinion: Another tax hike courtesy of city officials

Well the latest Council tax increase reminded me why I support term limits.

Your Opinion: Hypocritical Kentucky clerk is no hero

This is in reference to Kentucky’s elected county clerk Kim Davis and her refusal to issue marriage licenses that are contrary to her “Apostolic Church” beliefs.

Your Opinion: Let law enforcement officers do their jobs

After decades of decline in violent crimes this past year after Ferguson murder, riots, chaos have become rampant.

Your Opinion: Unsettling matters from all sides

The sound penetrating throughout the numerous trees on my property a few short weeks ago signaled that summer was slipping away.

Your Opinion: Response to columnist on ‘Christian nation’

Cal Thomas’ commentary of Sept. 10, “Two Kingdoms in Conflict” asserts that the U.S. has never been a “Christian nation.” He is quite correct in a literal sense, but he misses a vital point regarding the very underpinnings of our society and our system of government.

Our Opinion: Pot advocates use ‘medicine’ as smoke-screen

News Tribune editorial

Another medical marijuana effort has emerged that has little to do with medicine and much to do with legalizing recreational pot smoking.

Perspective: A+ scholarships and illegal immigrants

When the Legislature returns for veto session next week, there will be three big topics of discussion: right-to-work, Gov. Nixon’s illegal and unethical publicly financed stadium scheme and higher education scholarships for illegal immigrants.

Perspective: Tips on maintaining a healthy perspective

At work, at school, at home, and in all of life, we are better served if we maintain a big-picture perspective.

Our Opinion: Days of Caring event goes beyond the numbers

News Tribune editorial

Linking supporters of the United Way of the Central Missouri with people served by United Way partner agencies is the driving force for the annual Days of Caring, held Thursday and Friday.

Perspective: Reasons for opposing Iran deal

A bad deal with Iran is not worth risking the safety and security of the American people. That is a line that I have been saying repeatedly since the details of the Iran nuclear agreement were released earlier this summer.

Our Opinion: We must continue to learn from Sept. 11

How quickly we forget.

Perspective: Progress on the ‘Road to Tomorrow’

Three months ago in Kansas City’s historic Union Station we announced our “Road to Tomorrow” initiative — an effort by MoDOT to inspire, attract and identify innovations for the re-construction of Interstate 70 — not only for the purpose of building a “smart highway” for the 21st century but for identifying new revenue sources.