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Your Opinion: Make English our national language

Published Jun. 11 2016

I call your attention to a June 7 article by Caroline May: "Census Questionnaires May Soon be Offered in Arabic...

Your Opinion: Explanation based on statistics

Published Jun. 11 2016

Much ado is being made about racial disparities during traffic stops. Could it be that the answer is as simple...

Your Opinion: Fiscal rankings and elections

Published Jun. 10 2016

A report issued by the Mercatus Center of George Mason University ranked Missouri's fiscal condition as 14th among states, as...

Our Opinion: Strengthening a cultural connection

Published Jun. 10 2016

Strengthening the cultural connection between art and quality of life in the community is among the objectives for Jefferson City's...

Our Opinion: Firefighters gather to share knowledge, experience

Published Jun. 9 2016

An annual event that enhances public safety in multiple states, including Missouri, and benefits Jefferson City's economy once again is...

Your Opinion: Photo ID for voting favored

Published Jun. 8 2016

I always wonder when a person protests voter ID just what is it that they are hiding?

Your Opinion: Confederate display appalling

Published Jun. 8 2016

It's summer and tourists will be visiting Jefferson City. I find it appalling that the Trading Post downtown displays Confederate...

Our Opinion: Proactive school policies on bullying, suicide prevention

Published Jun. 8 2016

A state law to help schools identify bullying and signs of potential suicide is a proactive policy already practiced by...

Our Opinion: A valuable option for businesses, employees

Published Jun. 7 2016

A measure to encourage businesses to offer stock ownership plans to employees is being promoted by the Missouri Chamber of...

Your Opinion: Obama's egregious apology tour

Published Jun. 6 2016

This letter is regarding Obama's recent tour to Japan and most egregious yet of his apology tours.

Our Opinion: Tobacco 21 promotes teen health

Published Jun. 5 2016

As a public health strategy for Jefferson City government, we support a proposal to discourage smoking and/or vaping for people...

Your Opinion: Oppose photo ID

Published Jun. 5 2016

Our Constitution was carefully written to protect our right to vote. This country has a long, sordid history of trying...

Your Opinion: Irresponsible headline

Published Jun. 5 2016

On reading the June 2 News Tribune headline, "Black Missouri drivers still get stopped more," I could not help but...

Your Opinion: A global perspective

Published Jun. 5 2016

Thanks to all who came to our Memorial Day concert. Patriotism stirs many emotions. It both unifies and separates. Patriotism...

Your Opinion: The human costs of climate change

Published Jun. 5 2016

We hear, "Freedom isn't free." Does that mean some will fight and die? But why do some people think the...

Your Opinion: Subsidizing solar energy

Published Jun. 5 2016

A recent letter about solar generated electricity was interesting. Basically it stated solar panels are not worth it if you...

Your Opinion: More of the story on climate change

Published Jun. 3 2016

I want to thank Nelson Otto for publishing "tidbits" and also to share "the rest of the story."

Our Opinion: On Trails Day, join the challenge to get active

Published Jun. 3 2016

Invitations to get moving are being extended by Missouri's governor, the state's parks division and hikers nationwide.

Our Opinion: Summer reading programs span all ages

Published Jun. 2 2016

Just as it is never too late to develop a passion for reading, it is not too late to join...

Your Opinion: Pursue solar energy locally

Published Jun. 1 2016

I appreciated reading in the May 24 News Tribune that Columbia is the first community in the country to join...

Your Opinion: Absolute standards needed

Published Jun. 1 2016

Deconstructuralism is a philosophical movement and theory that basically questions traditional assumptions about certainty, ethics, identity and truth.

Your Opinion: Federal ineptitude again

Published Jun. 1 2016

U.S. Sen. Claire McCaskill recently sent out an email concerning the mismanaged Central States Pension Fund.

Our Opinion: Smoking rate declines, but 'vaping' still a wild card

Published Jun. 1 2016

Amid frightening reports connected with the Zika virus, childhood obesity and prescription drug abuse, some encouraging news has emerged on...