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Your Opinion: Home-schooling story lacks quality

After reading the recent front-page story entitled “As home-school numbers rise, regulation falls” I was extremely disappointed to discover a shocking lack of quality throughout the article.

Opinion: Consequences of rising debt, deficit

Last month the national debt exceeded $18 trillion for the first time.

Your Opinion: Global warming fee and climate alarmists

A few days ago I read how California is adding global warming tax of 10 cents a gallon.

Our Opinion: Unconscionable diversion of tobacco funds

Here’s an embarrassing fact; among the states, Missouri is dead last in spending for tobacco-prevention programs.

Our Opinion: Empowerment through service

The way to change hearts and minds is not by force, but by being a force.

Your Opinion: Home school story biased

I am writing to address the horribly written article regarding home schoolers that was recently published.

Your Opinion: Why use deceptive terms?

I’m writing to clarify for Mr. Laur why the terminology being used in his attempt to sell the climate change energy plan is unconscionably deceptive.

Your Opinion: Will Congress do what’s right?

The best part of the election is that Harry Reid “The Do Nothing Congress” is no longer majority leader in the Senate.

Our Opinion: Correct training deficiencies for troopers

News Tribune editorial

A merger designed to save money created an operational deficiency. Now it’s time to correct it.

Perspective: Celebrate gift of life

As I sat down to write the weekly bulletin, I knew I wanted to discuss Roe v. Wade since the anniversary of that court decision occurs in the month of January.

Our Opinion: Awaiting plans to expand veterans memorial

Until war is obsolete, a portion of the Missouri Veterans Memorial will remain a work in progress.

Your Opinion: Conservation isn’t broken

This is a response to the editorial: “Legislative Review of the Conservation Department is Meddlesome and Unnecessary” as well as those comments from several contributors.

Your Opinion: Response to Will’s ‘bizarre logic’

George Will’s commentary, “Climate change’s instructive past,” references two books that show how devastating modest, naturally caused, regional climate change has been to human civilization.

Our Opinion: Poll results point to postponement

The wisest action sometimes is inaction.

Your Opinion: Untruths in letter

Normally I avoid using the words liar in responding to letters I read in your paper but the letter by Linda Wenzlick was just too much.