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Privilege must be exercised to remain vibrant

Voting is a right that must be exercised to remain vigorous.

Your Opinion: Council urged to reject both proposals

Mr. Stallman’s recent letter was on point regarding other than hotel users’ taxes funding this boondoggle.

Your Opinion: Council asked to consider alternative proposal

The conference center is in the news. We are so close yet so far away.

Your Opinion: School board candidates vague on key issues

School Board Elections: In all fairness to the voters of Jefferson City, all candidate’s should declare ...

Your Opinion: No end to Ameren’s demands

Well, there is something rotten in Missouri in respect to our utility supplier Ameren, and their constant request for cost increases.

Your Opinion: Climate report a call to action

I was pleased to see, “Global warming dials up our risks,” based on the release of the most recent report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

Our Opinion: Commit to negotiate or walk away

News Tribune editorial

Jefferson City Council members on Monday will face a decision not for the faint of heart.

Perspective: Education includes learning to evaluate risks

Frequently we hear of how a young person overcame difficult circumstances to get an education and be successful in the adult world.

Perspective: Rep. Rory Ellinger - Man in the arena

In honor of Rep. Rory Ellinger, the General Assembly and Gov. Nixon hurried HB 1320 through the legislative process over the past two weeks. This common sense proposal excuses breastfeeding mothers from jury service.

Perspective: Concerns about ‘super’ agencies

While it is true that government agencies can create rules to enact laws passed by Congress, there is a new and disturbing trend that tests that notion and threatens the constitutional framework of checks and balances deliberately established by our founding fathers.

Our Opinion: Drive safely, move over in work zones

News Tribune editorial

Work zones on Missouri roads may be very different in location and duration, but approaching them with caution is a constant.

Your Opinion: Faith pounded by godless liberals

For the past several years we have seen our Judeo-Christian faith being pounded by the godless liberal left.

Your Opinion: Credible science on climate issues

Surprisingly, the climate change debate has survived enthusiastically for months.

Our Opinion: Character education aids learning, life skills

In the nature or nurture debate, nurturing character traits at an early age has undeniable value.

Your Opinion: City’s omission from recent list

“Jefferson City doesn’t register on new list of beautiful towns,” read the front page headline for April 1.