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Your Opinion: Response to Kehoe on ‘tort reform’

Tort reform is a catchy label put on the process of taking away your constitutional rights by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the insurance industry in order to further their agenda — increased profits — no matter the cost to the citizens of this state and country.

Your Opinion: Race-baiting commentary

The editorial from the Philadelphia Inquirer printed in your paper March 19 concerning racism in America and Ferguson was a hit job at best and misleading at worse.

Your Opinion: Education is the key

It was gratifying to see a former U.S. senator and now college president come out strongly against the racist behavior of some college students in Oklahoma.

Your Opinion: So-called Christian churches

I wonder when these so-called Christian churches will come clean and just write book(s) that truly describes their beliefs?

Our Opinion: Do lawmakers lack confidence in laws?

News Tribune editorial

Legislators must lack confidence in laws or they wouldn’t repeatedly propose constitutional amendments to guarantee “rights” already outlined in state statute.

Perspective: Protecting religious freedom on campuses

Recently, I’ve read several Letters to the Editor in the News Tribune debating the source of rights. Some have argued that government grants us our rights.

Perspective: Back to the future

Students are just like all other human beings. A little bit of friendly encouragement can produce great results. Many educators understand this very well, and as a result, they encourage students every hour of every school day.

Our Opinion: In work zones, your job is being attentive

News Tribune editorial

The signs of spring, which began Friday, include the appearance of orange barrels designating the renewal of roadway construction season.

Perspective: Fairness and transparency

Fairness and transparency. Those are the words that best describe two pieces of legislation my colleagues and I debated and passed in the House of Representatives this week.

Our Opinion: Civics test debate focuses on specifics

We’re on board with the notion that a fundamental knowledge of civics should be required for students to complete a high school education.

Your Opinion: Source of our human rights

Concerning the series of letters on the source of human rights:

Your Opinion: Interfaith alliance reaffirms tenets

The Capital Area Interfaith Alliance (CAIA) which represents the Buddhist, Christian, Jewish, Muslim and Unitarian Universalist faiths, expresses our great shock and sadness at the recent, domestic and international tragic events.

Our Opinion: 4-H teaches agriculture and life skills

Commitment, communication, caring — these are among valuable traits for young people.

Perspective: Chipping away at ‘tort reform’

While I do not know how the month will end, the old adage of March ‘coming in like a lion and out like a lamb’ appears well on its way to being validated once again.

Our Opinion: Rely on good judgment, not luck

Recognizing that St. Patrick’s Day celebrations may involve alcohol saturation, Missouri law enforcement agencies are conducting a saturation campaign of their own.