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Perspective: Recipe for graduating from college debt free

My son Jared will graduate in May from the University of Arkansas. And he is going to graduate debt-free.

Our Opinion: Be careful with review of City charter

News Tribune editorial

Careful consideration must remain at the forefront of any initiative to review Jefferson City’s charter.

Perspective: 100 days of latest Congress

We have now been in America’s new Congress for over 100 days.

Our Opinion: Audit reveals poor practice continues

Gov. Jay Nixon continues to set a deplorable example when it comes to state spending by his office.

Your Opinion: Women deserve equal pay for equal work

It will have taken the average woman in the United States from Jan. 1, 2014, to April 14, 2015, to have earned what the average white man earned from Jan. 1, 2014, to Dec. 31, 2014.

Your Opinion: Selection, not election, of circuit judges opposed

I have just become aware of a strange, unbelievable proposition being talked up by several people in Cole County.

Our Opinion: Helias project expands opportunities

We join with supporters of Helias Catholic High School in welcoming plans for a major expansion at the school.

Your Opinion: Non-discrimination favored

Thursday’s article, “LGBT Protections Divide Business Interests in Missouri,” outlined the support and opposition by various business leaders in the state for a proposed workplace non-discrimination law.

Your Opinion: Response to Missouri First

I would like to comment on the April 16 article by Daniela Sirtori, News Tribune, concerning the House Committee Hearing for HB407, (Protection of LBGT Rights in the State of Missouri).

Your Opinion: Go slow in U.S. 50 work zone

As the weather heats up outside, so does the annual road construction season.

Our Opinion: E-cigarettes and the ‘cobra effect’

Are e-cigarettes an example of the “cobra effect?”

Your Opinion: Response on climate change

I’m writing in response to Tony Smith’s letter published April 12, “Dangers of denial on climate change.”

Your Opinion: Selfish demands will kill jobs

This is in response to a story that appeared in your publication April 16 on page A5.

Our Opinion: Police train to respond to mental health crises

Another building block has been added to our community’s response to mental health issues.

Perspective: Nixon’s veto didn’t change the need for unemployment insurance changes

With only four weeks remaining in the legislative session, both the pace and the volume of legislation being heard is increasing.