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Your Opinion: Welfare spending out of control

Welfare spending in our nation is completely out of control.

Your Opinion: Congress focuses on negative

How much more absurd and negative can our members of Congress become?

Our Opinion: Museum links military, civilians

Just as a National Guard member is called a citizen soldier, so an enhanced museum is both a showcase of Missouri military history and an attraction for civilians.

Your Opinion: Support for Rock Island Line Trail

Just a voice in support of The Rock Island Line Trail in Central Missouri.

Your Opinion: Barnes column enlightening

I always look forward to reading the ‘Opinions’ page of the News Tribune.

Your Opinion: Capital Mall not family-friendly

I find shopping in Jefferson City to generally be a pleasant experience, with one exception being the Capital Mall.

State rep: Join me in the fight for change

What people should understand about the protests that have been occurring nationwide following Mike Brown’s death is that the protesters are drawing attention and unifying the country around police brutality which so-called minorities and underprivileged communities have been suffering for years.

Perspective: Pearl Harbor teaches self-centered equals vulnerable

As you are aware, on this date in 1941 the American naval fleet at Pearl Harbor was subjected to a devastating surprise attack by Japan. Pearl Harbor galvanized the American cause in a massive war effort dedicated to total victory.

Perspective: Paul Revere, the NAACP and the First Amendment

In August, I noted there were far more questions than answers and that we should not jump to one side or the other. Instead, justice requires a blind eye to both the status of the accused and the potential consequences of choosing not to bring an indictment.

Perspective: Obama continuing burdensome regulations

While you were with your family and loved ones on Thanksgiving Eve getting ready to enjoy some turkey, the Obama administration was busy preparing an extra helping of regulations, 3,415 to be exact.

Your Opinion: A pat on the back for the police

I am writing this letter to say thank you to all of the police officers out there ....

Your Opinion: Bewildered by commission’s salary recommendation

Being a state worker and living on the tiny morsels that our elected officials give us and reading about their proposed eight percent pay raises for FY 2016 and 2017 made me wonder what morons are on this Citizens Commission on Compensation for Elected Officials.

Your Opinion: Arrogant attitudes prevent community progress

Gus Wagner seems to lament the lack of “progress” recently in our community. Wagner is a perfect example of the arrogant attitude which prevents progress.

Your Opinion: Protect pets during winter weather

This cold weather is a dangerous time for outdoor pets. If you have room in your home, bring your pets inside.

Your Opinion: Solid principles abandoned

What is this latest event all really about that the president of our United States of America has perpetuated? Amnesty? A play to increase his political party agency?