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Your Opinion: More on climate change

In a previous climate change Letter to the Editor there were comments that almost seemed like negative accusation but to me really aren’t.

Our Opinion: Want to save cleanup costs? Stop littering

Trash bags filled with debris rested on the shoulder of Missouri 179 last week, awaiting disposal as part of a spring anti-litter campaign.

Perspective: Saddened by Vogel’s death

Late Thursday night I was saddened to learn of the death of Carl Vogel.

Our Opinion: Farewell to a statesman

News Tribune editorial

Carl Vogel was an uncommon presence in the political arena; he was totally without guile, theatrics or flamboyance.

Your Opinion: Clarification on Hayselton letter

The April 10, 2016, edition of the News Tribune included a letter to the editor written by a Chris Jordan who resides in Jefferson City. This gentleman shares my name ....

Your Opinion: Save the earth: Get rid of man?

I see that climate change is once again a hot topic — those who believe and those who don’t.

Perspective: Ethics bills on the move in the Missouri Legislature

It’s no secret that Missouri has the most lax ethics laws for legislators in the country. Ours is the only state without limits on gifts, campaign contributions or a reasonable waiting period before a legislator can become a paid lobbyist. For the past four months, we have worked to change that for the better.

Perspective: Entrepreneurial spirit shines at Pro Food

It’s been a busy few weeks in Missouri and Washington. After celebrating Easter with my family in St. Elizabeth, I hit the road to meet with folks on the ground to listen to their concerns and bring some Missouri commonsense back to Washington.

Your Opinion: Hayselton support appreciated

I would like to publicly thank all of our neighbors and friends around the city who supported the efforts in the Hayselton neighborhood against the access to a subdivision on a hairpin curve on our street.

Your Opinion: Shameful decision

Shame on the City Council of Jefferson City for approving the so-called Hayselton projects.

Your Opinion: Neighbors came together

I have never been more proud of the people of Jefferson City. Living here in the Hayselton Drive, Boonville Road, Allen Drive, Beverly, Riverwood and Circle Drive area I have felt the support of citizens from all across Jefferson City and out into the county.

Your Opinion: Prioritize land preservation

I read with interest your April 3 article about Sen. Emery’s proposal to give federal lands to the states and I find fault and flaw in the senator’s motives.

Our Opinion: Observing a continuum of volunteerism

News Tribune editorial

Time and again, our staff has encountered and reported local examples of “others” who were helped and now have joined the ranks of the helpers.

Perspective: Wrongdoers don’t deserve your health insurance benefits

If you become paralyzed by a drunk driver, who should get the benefit of your responsible decision to pay health insurance premiums every month? You or the drunk driver?

Your Opinion: Honor climate commitments

If we don’t honor our climate-change commitments we made in Paris, why would other countries meet theirs?