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Your Opinion: Grand jury manipulates case

The following article clearly exposes the political forces behind the protection of the killing of babies and selling of their body parts.

Your Opinion: End smoking in Capitol offices

The following is a letter I have written to my senator, Mike Kehoe, and representative, Mike Bernskoetter. I urge everyone to do the same.

Our Opinion: Riverfront park capitalizes on community asset

Let’s access the riverfront.

Our Opinion: HALO expansion brightens mission

HALO is expanding both its mission and its presence in Jefferson City.

Perspective: Senate moves quickly on expert witness qualifications

All of state government observed Martin Luther King Day early last week.

Your Opinion: Response on abortion issue

Veritas is Latin for truth. When you are afraid of the truth; you are veritaphobic.

Your Opinion: Observances focus on schools

The week recognizes that school choice is more than a matter of zoning and instead a significant decision that will affect over a decade of a child’s most powerful years.

Your Opinion: Legal, but deeply saddening

We write in response to a letter printed on Jan. 17 entitled, “Don’t forget, abortion is legal.” How can we possibly forget?

Your Opinion: Abortion and the 14th Amendment

The Constitution would never have been approved if voters had the foreknowledge that activist Supreme Court justices would allow the federal government near total control over states and We the People.

Your Opinion: Speaking on behalf of innocent children

The other day I googled “Development of baby in womb” and scrolled down to “Fetal Development week by week-Photo Gallery/Baby Center.”

Your Opinion: Ongoing debate and Serenity Prayer

The multiple contributors that continue to debate, support issues and topics such as abortion, the “Hildy Beast,” Obama, and alleged racism of police just bore me.

Our Opinion: Act on pay raise for state employees

News Tribune editorial

The governor talked about and acted to include a 2 percent pay raise for all state employees in his proposed budget. Now, it’s time for lawmakers to follow through.

Perspective: Nixon’s speech – Good, bad and strange

Some days in the Missouri Legislature feel like Groundhog Day — in the Bill Murray sense. For me, that’s the case with most Opening Day speeches and the State of the State address.

Our Opinion: Accumulated winter weather travel tips

News Tribune editorial

Central Missourians can breathe a sigh of relief for escaping the wrath of Winter Storm Jonas, now pummeling portions of the East Coast.

Perspective: Marching for life

Each and every year, I am impressed by the Missourians that travel night and day to Washington, D.C., and usually not in ideal weather, just so they can participate in the March for Life rally.