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Perspective: Use of technology becomes more widespread in schools

You may have heard about how the Jefferson City Public School District is going to great lengths to make sure students have access to electronic devices and the Internet as a way of enhancing their learning.

Our Opinion: Wise veto of student transfer law

News Tribune editorial

We applaud Gov. Jay Nixon’s veto of the “school transfer law.”

Perspective: Celebrating the Fourth of July

As families across the 3rd District prepare to celebrate the Fourth of July with food, fireworks and fun, we should also take the opportunity to reflect on the many rights and freedoms that we enjoy in our great nation.

Our Opinion: Law reflects fair solution on tip taxes

A state law signed Monday represents a victory for small business, particularly restaurateurs, and for fairness.

Our Opinion: Confederate flag, racism and fear

We support relegating the Confederate flag to museum displays, as long as we recognize the action is only a step toward a larger — perhaps unobtainable — goal.

Your Opinion: Public transit system by the numbers

Recently a JeffTran fare increase was rejected.

Your Opinion: Democrats united against injustice

The Cole County Democrats stand united against senseless violence like that at Emmanuel AME Church on June 18 where nine people were murdered while praying, simply because of the color of their skin.

Your Opinion: Thoughts on killings in Charleston

My heart goes out to the families of those who were murdered in Charleston by that young, hate-filled man.

Your Opinion: Differing reactions in Charleston, Ferguson

I was moved by the reaction of the shootings in Charleston as compared to the reaction of the Ferguson shooting.

Our Opinion: Pool lifeguards ‘prepared and on their toes’

Training and attentiveness prevailed Sunday when three lifeguards responded to a swimmer in distress at Ellis-Porter Pool.

Our Opinion Videos of cats and crashes both beneficial

What do cute cat videos that abound on social media have in common with a Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) video?

Justice Matters: Anniversary of Magna Carta

This month, we celebrate the 800th anniversary of a document that many believe inspired the Declaration of Independence, the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

Our Opinion: Boys and Girls Club campaign in ‘home stretch’

The stretch run may be among the most difficult in any endeavor.

Your Opinion: Government involved in loans

Why is it that whenever sane people in the private sector refuse to make enough risky loans the feds step in and take over?

Your Opinion: Common Core teachings

The Constitution puts great emphasis on personal liberties and places firm limits on governmental powers that affect the rights of individuals.