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Our Opinion: Judicious ruling limits side effects of legislative ill

Reason prevails. Missouri’s constitutional right to farm does not extend to growing marijuana, Cole County Circuit Judge Dan Green ruled Tuesday.

Our Opinion: Retirement, project timetables diverge

In his more than 33 years as a Jefferson City department director, Bill Lockwood consistently has taken the high road.

Your Opinion: Pro-abortion groups spout talking points

The extremist pro-abortion groups (Planned Parenthood and National Organization for Women) are again spouting talking points in the attempt to discredit anyone who speaks out against the ghastly abortion industry.

Your Opinion: Delusional Christians must stop the ‘pity party’

Mr. Sampson regales us with his wisdom again, in the Aug. 27 op-eds.

Your Opinion: Business owner favors waste disposal competition

As the owner of a local business in Jefferson City I am affected by the waste disposal for the area.

Our Opinion: A combined safety effort for Labor Day

Each person on the roadways and waterways during the upcoming Labor Day weekend has a role to play in public safety.

Your Opinion: Parks’ director commended

Bill Lockwood has been a tireless dedicated public servant who improved the park system and the quality of life of residents of Jefferson City and surrounding communities.

Your Opinion: Accountability on taxes, spending

City — Jefferson City is considering increasing the gross utilities tax to pay for replacement of equipment.

Our Opinion: An ‘inside’ view of law enforcement

Law enforcement officers are under much scrutiny these days.

Our Opinion: City Council dilutes seat belt proposal

News Tribune editorial

A public safety proposal presented at Thursday’s Jefferson City Public Safety Committee meeting was derailed by discussion of other issues.

Perspective: Listening to constituents

As I prepare to head back to Washington after a few uninterrupted weeks of visiting with folks throughout Missouri’s 3rd District, I find myself reflecting on the issues that were discussed and what is on your minds.

Perspective: Concerns remain about Planned Parenthood, tax-funded stadium

Tuesday’s meeting of the Interim Committee on the Sanctity of Life did nothing to assuage concerns about Planned Parenthood and has raised critical questions about the leadership and management of the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services as well as the University of Missouri.

Our Opinion: Tax amnesty: time to pay up

Have you received a notice of taxes due?

Your Opinion: Consumers urged to oppose bill

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) was created by Congress and is the crowning achievement of Wall Street Reform.

Your Opinion: Major morality change in U.S.

I would like to submit additional information about two subjects to go along with my letters posted on Aug. 9 and 16.