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Perspective: Ethics reform; Merry Christmas

“Short-circuiting” works in different ways — through campaign contributions, gifts, special treatment, false friendship, and access. It causes elected officials to pause before acting against — or just not in lockstep with — their political patrons.

Perspective: Thoughts on reconcilation during the holidays

We could say that every religion and every tradition and every holiday should have equal footing, but we know that doesn’t always work, as the issue in Connecticut demonstrated.

Our Opinion: Homeless issues — Immediate and complex

News Tribune editorial

The Jefferson City Homeless Task Force faces two challenges — one immediate, the other complicated.

Perspective: CRomnibus at Christmas

While this time of the year is very joyous and festive from coast to coast, I will spend most of this column addressing the spending bill that Congress recently passed.

Our Opinion: Valor – an extraordinary gift

News Tribune editorial

The thought of climbing into a burning vehicle to rescue someone is absolutely terrifying.

Our Opinion: Shortsighted view of aiding environment

Are environmentally conscious motorists being shortsighted?

Our Opinion Christmas tree: symbol of life; reminder of fire safety

Because a Christmas tree is a symbol of life, its association with tragic house fires is particularly disturbing.

Your Opinion: Is officer included?

Headline! “All lives matter.”

Your Opinion: Close the health care gap

The Missouri Chapter of the National Organization for Women calls upon the state Legislature to make health insurance available to all Missouri citizens.

Our Opinion: Urgent needs, optimum timing for building repairs

To preserve and maintain our state Capitol building, lawmakers must follow authorization with action.

Our Opinion: Changing nutrition standards, tastes, habits

An irony of life in America is indicated by references to both an obesity epidemic and a hunger problem.

Our Opinion: The reality of producing city contests

Jefferson, the programming guy, rushes into the producer’s office with an idea for a new show.

Your Opinion: Explore adding conference center to project

Will the conference center get “lost in the shuffle?’ Perhaps.

Your Opinion: CIA report reflects political hypocrisy

Obama and the Democrats would have us believe that water boarding is horrible while sending a drone to kill the terrorist and his entire family (along with a few friends) is morally correct.

Your Opinion: More lies on health care for immigrants

How many more lies will Obama feed us in his last two years?