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Your Opinion: Statesman or politician?

Published Oct. 26 2016

Wintzell's Oyster House is a small chain of restaurants in and around Mobile, Alabama.

Your Opinion: Trump in his own words

Published Oct. 26 2016

A lot of Trump supporters including his running mate don't seem to believe Trump actually means what he says.

Our Opinion: Agonizing is not action

Published Oct. 26 2016

When is it time to transform agonizing into action? That's a question the Jefferson City School Board must decide.

Your Opinion: Hillary plays us for fools

Published Oct. 25 2016

Ross Perot said "hear that sucking sound?" (All our jobs leaving USA for Mexico when NAFTA passes).

Your Opinion: Grant-funding folly expands federal debt

Published Oct. 25 2016

As reported in Wednesday's News Tribune, Jefferson City is going to seek $600,000 from the feds to build sidewalks, digging...

Your Opinion: Dehumanizing practice

Published Oct. 25 2016

As a woman voter, I am happy to participate in Phyliss Greenfield's dialogue.

Your Opinion: 'Fix is in' on voting

Published Oct. 25 2016

When asked in the debate if Trump would accept the outcome of the election, he indicated that he would make...

Your Opinion: No protest vote; elect Trump

Published Oct. 25 2016

We all know that Hillary is guilty of corruption and compromising American security with her private email server.

Your Opinion: The 'rational choice'

Published Oct. 25 2016

The presidential election has come down to Crooked Hillary vs. Lunatic Trump.

Your Opinion: Become informed, then vote

Published Oct. 25 2016

I am in agreement with what many leaders are saying — that America's future hinges on the party platform we...

Your Opinion: Parental supervision lacking

Published Oct. 25 2016

A recent News Tribune article noted that over a two-and-a-half-year period eight Missouri children died as a result of accidental...

Your Opinion: Life-affirming visit suggested

Published Oct. 25 2016

Ms. Gibson's letter to the editor published Sunday, Oct. 16, sings the praises of Planned Parenthood and accuses Crisis Pregnancy...

Our Opinion: Reject both tobacco hike proposals

Published Oct. 23 2016

Both tobacco tax hike proposals Missouri voters will decide in November are flawed.

Perspective: Notes from 3rd District travels

Published Oct. 23 2016

As October rolls along, I am continuing to tour Missouri's 3rd District and wanted to update you on some of...

Our Opinion: Hunting takes on added dimensions

Published Oct. 22 2016

Deer hunting has become more than an outdoor sport; it has become an opportunity to feed the hungry and provide...

Your Opinion: Decisive issue

Published Oct. 21 2016

The upcoming election is the most troubling I can remember.

Your Opinion: Cigarette tax proposal opposed

Published Oct. 21 2016

Gonna be a tax to vote on those nasty cigarettes, you know. Of course the money will go for "the...

Your Opinion: The direction of our country

Published Oct. 21 2016

One may wonder where a leftist liberal Democrat's utopian "diversity" and "political correctness" world would be?

Our Opinion: Celebrate completion, but remain vigilant

Published Oct. 21 2016

This period of disappointment and frustration will end soon.

Your Opinion: Hillary still not qualified

Published Oct. 20 2016

When I wrote the opinion letter on "Hillary — Not Qualified" my expectation was that several people would write in...

Your Opinion: Locomotive delivers memories

Published Oct. 20 2016

A unique piece of Jefferson City history was recalled this past weekend by two events: a speech by visiting Pulitzer...

Our Opinion: Safety message applies year round

Published Oct. 20 2016

Safety involving big trucks and passenger vehicles is the focus of this year's observance of Operation Safe Driver Week, being...

Your Opinion: Be wary of false promises

Published Oct. 19 2016

I am writing this in regard to the issue of the upcoming election, and wish to ring in on my...