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Your Opinion: Reply on discrimination

Mr. Horstmann regales us again with his wisdom on May 15 complaining that the poor Christians are being vilified and discriminated against because the LGBT community will deny the Christians of their constitutional rights.

Our Opinion: United Way volunteers meet goal behind scenes

The United Way of Central Missouri is most visible in the community during the fall months when it conducts its annual fundraising campaign.

Our Opinion: Exercise care during Operation C.A.R.E

Motorists and boaters are urged to exercise care during the Memorial Day holiday weekend, because the Missouri Highway Patrol will be emphasizing Operation C.A.R.E.

Your Opinion: Opinion page needs ‘liberal flush’

Recently a novice contributor to your opinion page had the audacity to call scribbler Jim Dyke out for his “vitriolic” cartoons.

Your Opinion: Parental control and opting out of tests

This spring Missouri students took the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium’s Test.

Your Opinion: Response to Smith on Social Security

The disability portion of the Social Security Act is going broke. Social Security itself is good for several years.

Our Opinion: Heal division between Legislature, Conservation

When powerful forces collide, the repercussions can be perilous.

Perspective: End of session report

Friday marked the end of the most productive, and strangest, legislative session of my five years of service.

Our Opinion: Graduates, celebrate being unique

Mid-May is an uplifting time of year. No, we’re not talking about the end of the legislative session, we’re referencing graduation season.

Your Opinion: Thoughts on religious freedom

Nice to notice my letter on religious freedom [May 3] produced a response [May 10] that asked me a question.

Your Opinion: Response on officers’ shootings

In response to Bert Dirschell’s letter, “Officers lives matter.” I understand what you are saying but I know that you are not comparing 10 cops with the 422 people that have been killed by police so far this year.

Perspective: Despite unusual ending, session deemed productive

This was the most interesting final week of session that I have observed since becoming a member of the Legislature.

Our Opinion: Lack of traction leaves legislative casualties

Every legislative session has its casualties — proposals that never made it to the finish line.

Your Opinion: Stop partisan posturing; create jobs program

I recently made a few visits to both the Missouri Senate and House of Representatives to watch our tax dollars at work. My impression was disappointment because of Republican disrespect given to Democrats with rational legislative concerns.

Your Opinion: Disturbing trend dividing, destroying nation

There is a very disturbing trend going through our great nation. It is dividing this country and destroying it little by little.