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Our Opinion: Sensible approach urged for holiday travelers

Published May. 26 2016

Memorial Day motorists will encounter converging components that will require extra vigilance.

Your Opinion: Volume control

Published May. 25 2016

I would like to congratulate the Jefferson City Area Chamber of Commerce on their excellent Chamber barbecue.

Your Opinion: Ideas need boundaries

Published May. 25 2016

Dick Dalton in his letter of May 22 titled "Thoughts about 'ideas'" seemed to ask for a response so here...

Your Opinion: Serious flaws found in Graham's recommendation

Published May. 25 2016

Thanks to Bob Watson's May 18 report in the News Tribune, we can learn what Franklin Graham told Missourians on...

Our Opinion: When private blight becomes public interest

Published May. 25 2016

Where, precisely, is the line separating private property from public interest?

Your Opinion: Enough said on restroom issue

Published May. 24 2016

I am so tired of reading about the bathroom issue.

Your Opinion: Oppose climate change nonsense

Published May. 24 2016

I've been reading the climate change letters and doing more research and thought I'd just drop a few tidbits and...

Our Opinion: Trial underscores need to change school district culture

Published May. 24 2016

The Jefferson City Public Schools district recently experienced a trial — in more ways than one.

Our Opinion: Responsibilities and rewards of foster parenting

Published May. 22 2016

Home is associated with comfort, warmth, security, belonging, love and more. Sadly, more than 13,500 children is Missouri are unable...

Your Opinion: Questions for Brown on restroom issue

Published May. 22 2016

I read the letter of Steven Brown, May 18, and it caused me to raise some questions for Brown.

Your Opinion: MU professor cites data confirming climate change

Published May. 22 2016

Recently I heard University of Missouri Professor Dr. Michael Urban speak on climate change. He explained climate is complex and...

Your Opinion: Economic recoveries by the numbers

Published May. 22 2016

The following is data comparing the recoveries from recessions during Reagan and Obama presidencies. All figures below are in 2009...

Your Opinion: Liberal tactic used to misrepresent statements

Published May. 22 2016

I'm writing this letter to clearly demonstrate the tactic liberals typically use by misrepresenting statements in order to win an...

Your Opinion: Politicizing the facts

Published May. 22 2016

In one of our previous city elections an aspiring council person was approaching voters in his ward when a constituent...

Your Opinion: Thoughts about 'ideas'

Published May. 22 2016

While singing with the Monticello men at our annual Memorial Day concert in the Rotunda last year, I was struck...

Perspective: Defense bill among district, national issues

Published May. 21 2016

One of the great privileges of serving you is the opportunity to meet with constituents from all across eastern and...

Our Opinion: Blocking foul at intersections jams traffic

Published May. 21 2016

Traffic congestion is a frustrating byproduct of roadway improvements.

Our Opinion: Inspections, knowledge buoy boating safety

Published May. 20 2016

In advance of Memorial Day weekend, the traditional start of summer activities, National Safe Boating Week is being observed, beginning...

Perspective: How we got here

Published May. 19 2016

Elections often involve choosing the "lesser evil," but has there ever been a choice of evils like Donald Trump or...

Your Opinion: Potential for fraud during photo ID vote

Published May. 18 2016

The people who oppose requiring voters to show photo ID claim that "It's not needed because there's no voter fraud."...

Your Opinion: Communist goals being fulfilled

Published May. 18 2016

Lately the unacceptable Obama imperial order to force transgender individuals into girls/women's bathrooms/lockers is just the latest effort to follow...

Your Opinion: Questions for defenders of big government

Published May. 18 2016

I wonder if part of the issues the "serial" writers have is just not having a hobby?

Our Opinion: Legislative activity puts partisanship above people

Published May. 18 2016

We do not share local Republican lawmakers' evaluation of the recent legislative session as either "good" or "very good."