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Your Opinion: To the anti-choice community

Poor Jay Barnes is so emotionally overwrought I think he needs to breathe into a paper bag.

Your Opinion: What are we teaching?

What is society teaching our children? The Clintons teach us about using interns, setting up a foundation to peddle power for money, destroying evidence and working the media like the Russians used TASS.

Your Opinion: Thoughts on slavery, history

In his eulogy for Rev. Clemente Pinckney President Obama made a reference to “our nation’s original sin.” He was referring to slavery.

Your Opinion: Cuba, quakes and paving trail

None of us can lay claim to being a perfect human being but it is believed that most Americans lead pretty good lives and are not deceptive in their dealings and friendships with others.

Your Opinion: The Bible, court and marriage

There is an old adage that you should never wrestle with a pig! The only thing that happens is that you get dirty and the pig loves it but here goes.

Our Opinion: Preserving the Capitol’s structural integrity

News Tribune editorial

More than six months after the extent of water damage at the Missouri Capitol was publicized, much-needed repairs have begun.

Perspective: A note on scandals; ABLE Act

The Missouri Legislature’s reputation has taken a beating this summer. The bad acts of the few have maligned the reputation of the many.

Perspective: Personal and professional growth

In the field of education, or in practically any profession, it is good to set goals, have plans, ask tough questions, and evaluate what works and what doesn’t.

Our Opinion: Study quantifies link between painkillers and abuse

News Tribune editorial

A new study helps trace the origins of prescription drug abuse, which has been linked to the added problem of increased heroin use and overdoses.

Perspective: Action on finance, education, sanctuary cities

The month of July has proven to be very busy in America’s new Congress. Whether it was meeting with folks from the 3rd District, going to the several Small Business and Financial Services Committee hearings, or tracking the incessant rain throughout the state — there is a lot to recap this month.

Our Opinion: Ethical, moral issues similar, but different

Gov. Jay Nixon’s renewed his call for ethics legislation this week was predicated on a weak link to the recent resignations of two lawmakers.

Our Opinion: Traffic fatalities, drownings demand attention

From a public safety perspective, Missouri is not having a good year.

Your Opinion: Correction

Two dates were incorrect in Larry Russell Johnson’s letter titled “Confederate symbols, politics and Missouri history,” published in Monday’s News Tribune.

Your Opinion: Taxation reaches historic highs

For those who think the federal government needs more money.

Your Opinion: Other riverfront venues offer ideas

I have been to the Noren Access.