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Your Opinion: Defending complement

Published Apr. 26 2017

Carol Jones recently stated she was offended by Brian Dudenhoeffer's claims that Trump's wife and daughter are nice looking. The...

Your Opinion: Increased military won't bring increased security

Published Apr. 26 2017

The cruise missile attack on Syria, dropping of the MOAB bomb on alleged ISIS positions in Afghanistan, extreme sabre rattling...

Our Opinion: Honoring three decades of roadway beautification

Published Apr. 26 2017

Over the past three decades, more people than live in Jefferson City have banded together through a single program to...

Our Opinion: 'Unsustainable' defines climb of national debt

Published Apr. 25 2017

WEREN'T many Amer­i­cans gen­uinely up­set way back in 2011 when the pre­vi­ous ad­min­is­tra­tion's spend­ing brought the na­tion close to, then...

Your Opinion: Response to Dirschell

Published Apr. 25 2017

Last week, Mr. Dirschell asked some great questions regarding how Missouri will be funding Adult High Schools should my bill...

Your Opinion: What really affects climate on Earth

Published Apr. 25 2017

There are still people who believe in consensus science. They should be regarded as traitors to science, truth, freedom, and...

Your Opinion: Medical research cuts devastating

Published Apr. 24 2017

The recent White House budget proposal calling for a $1 billion cut to medical research for 2017 is devastating to...

Perspective: On SB 43, House should not abrogate its responsibilities

Published Apr. 23 2017

As if to prove the opponents' point, SB 43 specifically mentions cases that proponents claim were bad cases.

Your Opinion: Chamber port study a sham

Published Apr. 23 2017

The Jefferson City Area Chamber of Commerce is pretending to start another "study" to determine whether a port on the...

Your Opinion: Comment offensive to women

Published Apr. 23 2017

In Brian Dudenhoeffer's letter about President Trump he makes a comment that offends me as a woman.

Our Opinion: Alcohol advertising and free speech

Published Apr. 23 2017

In Wednesday's News Tribune, a Schulte's Fresh Foods ad features a 30-pack of Busch beer for $17.79. What the ad...

Commentary: The 'Oh, never mind' president

Published Apr. 23 2017

Donald Trump's "Oh, never mind" presidency was produced by voters stung by the contempt they detected directed toward them by...

Perspective: Easter break provided time with family, constituents

Published Apr. 22 2017

Besides celebrating Easter with my family, I used the two-week district work period to travel across central and eastern Missouri....

Your Opinion: Repaving a main concern for MoDOT?

Published Apr. 22 2017

We drove up 54 north of Jefferson City recently. We drive to east on 50 regularly.

Our Opinion: Respect, attention keys in lowering fatalities with commercial trucks

Published Apr. 22 2017

Ever throw your car in reverse out of fear a wide-turning commercial truck driver will plow into you? What about...

Our Opinion: Precautions, not panic, needed for salmonella cases

Published Apr. 21 2017

With the recent uptick in salmonella cases in Cole County, keep in mind precautions are more productive than panic.

Your Opinion: Cut 'free' stuff from DC

Published Apr. 20 2017

Sunday's News Tribune had several stories noting that the proposed federal budget would stop funding certain local programs with money...

Our Opinion: Earth Day: A cause for celebration

Published Apr. 20 2017

In a sense, for this year's local Earth Day celebration, our planet will share the spotlight with another celestial body:...

Your Opinion: Anti-aid, not anti-Catholic

Published Apr. 20 2017

A recent column by Michael McShane ("The Supreme Court can put a nail in the anti-Catholic coffin," April 13), on...

Your Opinion: When the time comes

Published Apr. 19 2017

I read with interest the AP story concerning McCaskill's town hall meeting.

Our Opinion: Prom and graduation: Keep it joyous, keep it safe

Published Apr. 19 2017

We're reaching the end of the school year, when area high school students eagerly anticipate prom and, for some, graduation.

Your Opinion: Capitol security

Published Apr. 19 2017

You have been reporting of late about Capitol security, funding, installation, removal, reinstallation but unmanned metal detectors, including today's "Capitol...

Commentary: Battle against sex trafficking of minors

Published Apr. 19 2017

Three months ago, State Trooper Jonathan Otto, 33, of the Arizona Department of Public Safety pulled over a car that...