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Officials: Report finds patterns of racial bias by Ferguson police March 3, 2015

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Your Opinion: Auditor praised for inspiring youth

Missouri State Auditor, Tom Schweich, was a tremendous inspiration for many sophomores throughout the state of Missouri.

Your Opinion: Negative ads hurt people, our nation

We have just witnessed politics at it’s worst!

Our Opinion: Canada — trusted neighbor, trade partner

A Canadian consul general brought a positive message to Missouri last week.

Perspective: State auditor remembered; Senate acts on bills

Last week in the Missouri Legislature will be remembered only by the events of Thursday and the tragic death of Auditor Tom Schweich.

Opinion: How to interest and educate Generation Z

The point of learning about the past is that it helps put the present into context.

Your Opinion: Farm Bureau’s attack on Conservation

I am infuriated by the Farm Bureau’s reckless use of good ink. The Missouri Department Conservation was constitutionally created as a politically independent organization.

Your Opinion: Facts, faith and evolution

Just because you take a poll about evolution and over 70 percent of the respondents believe that God was involved in the creation of this present world doesn’t cut it with some naysayers.

Your Opinion: Britain plays God with three-parent babies

I call your attention to the following Feb. 24 article: “Britain’s House of Lords approves conception of three-person babies.”

Our Opinion: Governing principles caught in political cross-fire

News Tribune editorial

An unpredictable concoction may result when partisan politics mix with the constitutional separation of powers.

Perspective: Remembering Tom Schweich

State Auditor was not Tom Schweich’s goal. Look at that resume again. He worked to clean up the Star Wars bar that doubles as the United Nations — and fought opium-producing war-lords in Afghanistan.

Perspective: Operation Hope founder encourages students to aspire

Today’s students—in particular the students who may struggle the most — need something in life to aspire to.

Our Opinion: Tom Schweich, ‘a devoted public servant’

News Tribune editorial

Amid the activity of public life — policy preferences, office operations, political aspiration — a tendency exists to forget that public officials are people who, like us, have hopes and dreams, fears and doubts.

Perspective: Protecting an open Internet

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has pushed full steam ahead with a plan to take control of the Internet.

Our Opinion: As winter ends, prepare for severe weather

Here’s a discomforting thought — after enduring snow and rain forecast this weekend, we begin Missouri’s observance of Severe Weather Awareness Week.

Your Opinion: Lawmakers check out grocery bags

Now really with all the important issues our state Legislature faces do we need them between us and our grocery sack?