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Your Opinion: Climate discussion advances

I agree with the title to Larry Johnson’s Nov. 20 letter, “Let Science address climate.” I also agree with his statement that the scientific method should lead our pollution discussion.

Your Opinion: Focus on sexual assaults

Political correctness is often equated with tidy dictionary words to a “belief that language and practices which could offend sensibilities (as in matters of sex or race) should be eliminated.”

Your Opinion: Federal rules killing jobs

The president and Congress are killing jobs and shrinking the middle class while the headline news show 5.0 percent unemployment, the labor participation is near a 40-year low of 62.5 percent.

Your Opinion: Misconception about charity

I would just like to correct a common misconception that came up in the Nov. 22 letter to the editor from Mr. Ortbals of Linn.

Your Opinion: University’s link to abortion

I was reading a letter that appeared on Nov. 19, in which the writer was encouraging us to notify the University of Missouri Curators to re-instate the association of the University with Planned Parenthood.

Our Opinion: Auditor extends scrutiny of Sunshine Law compliance

News Tribune editorial

The most recent state audit of compliance with Missouri’s Sunshine Law highlights two achievements.

Our Opinion: Share holiday creations with community

News Tribune editorial

The annual Christmas Home Decorating contest has become a tradition both for families and the community.

Perspective: Acting to prioritize the safety of Americans

Earlier this month, the world was in shock as hundreds of individuals in Paris were killed or wounded by a terrorist attack. What happened in Paris is a very real reminder that terrorism is still a threat to America and our allies around the world.

Things not to be thankful for in sports

Another Thanksgiving in the books. So passes that day when sports columnists observe a 24-hour moratorium on griping in order to roll out all the things they’re thankful for, a tradition that was perfected by the late, great Furman Bisher in Atlanta.

Your Opinion: Elect supporters of environment

I read Mr. Johnson’s recent letter and sympathize with his argument that the scientific method should drive our response to climate change, but from a different viewpoint.

Your Opinion: Vote inconsistent with holiday ideal

Republican Rep. Blaine Luetkemeyer co-sponsored legislation passed by the U.S. House on Nov. 19 that could stop plans to admit Syrian refugees into the United State.

Our Opinion: Shop locally: Experience the advantages

Reflecting a Christmas tradition, shopping locally involves both giving and receiving.

Your Opinion: Want Syrian refugees? Get out your checkbook

Who will pay for Syrian refugees?

Our Opinion: Gratitude: An attitude that keeps on giving

Participants in the first Thanksgiving were onto something — gratitude improves physical, mental, social and spiritual health.

Your Opinion: What happened to the Golden Rule?

Please explain to me how someone can call themselves a Christian and Republican.