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Capitol renovations continue next year

Capitol renovations continue next year

July 23rd, 2017 by Bob Watson in Missouri News
A fenced off construction area blocks the southwest side of the Missouri Capitol steps. Phase II of the construction will begin in early 2018; Phase I was completed in late 2016 in time for Gov. Eric Greitens' inauguration ceremony.

A fenced off construction area blocks the southwest...

Photo by Marty Beck/News Tribune

Those fence barricades on parts of the west side of the Missouri Capitol's south steps are a reminder the project to repair and renovate the century-old building isn't finished.

There still is a phase II, originally planned to begin this year but will now start in early 2018, Office of Administration spokeswoman Ryan Burns told the News Tribune last week.

"We have conducted stone and infrastructure assessments as part of the design phase," Burns said Friday. "The fencing in question is related to shoring up some stone ahead of the construction phase."

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The phase I work was done in 2015-16, ending in early December last year — in time to hold Gov. Eric Greitens' inauguration ceremonies on the Capitol steps in the traditional manner.

Burns noted phase I aimed primarily at waterproofing the Capitol's basement area, including removal of the south and east steps and the east and west sections of the carriage drive, making it easier to install a new waterproofing membrane.

The first phase also included repairs to:

  • The existing concrete substructure that had deteriorated over the years because of water penetration.
  • The building terraces, by replacing or repairing damaged stone, concrete support beams and slab, storm drains and joint materials.
  • The stone work, where mortar and sealant joints had failed and were allowing water to get into interior spaces.

The phase II work is expected to take 2-2 1/2 years, generally involving joint replacement and cleaning of the entire Capitol, as well as work across North Capitol Drive in the North Plaza area.

Burns said it will include:

  • Renovating and repairing the exterior stone facades, dome and drum — the area with columns between the dome and the main building.
  • Facade work, specifically assessing and repairing the stones for cracks, spalls and open joints. Some stones that have been displaced will be reset. All stones will be checked to see they are anchored securely and will be cleaned.
  • Replacing stone pavers and edge stones on the North Plaza and the adjacent, flanking sidewalks, as well as the sidewalks and stairs directly off the north drive that lead to the Governor's Portico. When that's finished, Burns said, "The surface will be more conducive to pedestrian traffic."
  • Repairing the North Plaza retaining wall.
  • Making various stone repairs for the Centaur Fountain pool rim and the edge stones.
  • Repairing, restoring and waterproofing balustrades.
  • Removing and/or replacing the spotlights and warning lights on the upper dome.
  • Removing and waterproofing the terrace level balustrades and repairing or renovating the balustrade lighting.
  • Replacing joints and generally cleaning the entire Capitol building exterior.

The $40 million project, which includes the already completed phase I work, is part of the bonding project lawmakers approved in 2015.