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Your Opinion: Following footsteps of the fall of Rome

Your Opinion: Following footsteps of the fall of Rome

March 28th, 2014 by Beverly Shelton, Jefferson City in News

Dear Editor:

We have too many hands in the stew with projects that should have been taken care of months, maybe years, ago that should have been addressed during that period but those responsible ignored the possibility of what could happen at a future date in time. Problems have now surfaced because of man's inability to take care of the first problem facing them, now they seem insurmountable in number. A problem with the potholes should have been taken care of at the first sign of a problem and not when they have increased in number throughout this town.

Don't put off for tomorrow that which should be taken care of today. It appears that these so-called planners seem to be jumping around like frogs not knowing what they are doing. This is why we voters should be very careful whom we elect to represent us. A two-term limitation for City Council members certainly would be in order.

And have we begun the route of the Roman Empire where all the man-made structures came tumbling down due to all the problems the Romans faced with earthquakes, man's greed for power, politics and promiscuity. We are now engaged in the very same moral issues. How well I know what's going on here and there in our loose society. Some who are a little older now have expressed to me they wish they had led a better life when they were younger. Oh, my goodness, it's too late for them now.

It should be remembered that mankind was created by God, not the other way around. Look what he not only did with the rise and fall of the Roman Empire but to the cavemen and the dinosaur, before Rome was destroyed.

And all the laws set for us many years ago are being made double by the Obama regime. Abortion upon demand; more education for black youth thinking they had inferior learning opportunities than Caucasian children (their parents paid for the schooling for their own children.) Convicts incarcerated for life now have the right to file lawsuits, get expensive tattoos on their individual bodies - what a waste of taxpayer's monies these are. This foolishness has got to end someplace with legislators with more common sense.

The day of wine and roses is over for good law-abiding, home-grown American families.