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Your Opinion: Taking cartoons too seriously

Your Opinion: Taking cartoons too seriously

March 4th, 2014 by Kristie Scheulen, Loose Creek in News

Dear Editor:

You can sure tell it's been a long, cold, boring winter. The malcontents had nothing more to complain about than a mild-mannered cartoonist's musings on two subjects that just beg to be satirized - global warming and the national debt.

With the winter we have had how can you not make fun of the term global warming and the national debt, how many different ways can we laugh, snicker, scoff, joke, mock or make fun of trillions in the hole.

I can tell that you guys are very serious about the two subjects, maybe a little too serious, and after all if you can't see a little humor in your theorem how can you expect us to take you as seriously as you do. I suspect that part of your problem is all of that data that both of you lecture us on is stuck in your craw.

I do believe that the Earth is in the midst of a climate change. I just do not believe that it is man-made. Please explain to me why Mars, which has no carbon-based lifeforms, is also going through a warming period much like the Earth. Since Mars is farther from the sun than the Earth I would think that the sun or solar energy has much more of an influence on this climate change than man.

Taxing carbon may create jobs and revenue but at whose expense? And what will we get out of it, more tax dollars for our government to squander. Of course maybe all that revenue would reduce our national debt.

I always have to wonder if the people who pontificate about global warming practice what they preach. Do they drive? What is their energy source? What really is their carbon footprint? Do they expect big business to make all the concessions on reducing carbon emissions?

With seven billion people now on Earth and nine billion expected soon, can you imagine how much carbon dioxide mankind puts into the atmosphere each day just by exhaling.

Thinking that we can slow, stop or reverse a climate change by reducing carbon is laughable and the global warming disciples who believe we can must have a god complex.

But that's just my opinion, for the opinion page.