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Your Opinion: Climate change deserves serious conversation

Your Opinion: Climate change deserves serious conversation

March 2nd, 2014 by Tony Smith, Jefferson City in News

Dear Editor:

I am concerned about climate change because I consider it's the greatest problem facing civilization. Sure, I could be wrong and would be happy if that's true. But presently, I am concerned about the future of my children and grandchildren.

The deniers are represented here by the Otto/Sampson/Brown clique. They read or listen to Rush/Fox/National Review. They might mine the denial sites seemingly run by weather forecasters. Some of them think God would not allow them to kill the planet.

Regardless of the topic, conservative tactics as practiced by Beck/Limbaugh/and friends is to ridicule their opponents. Like use of the word Nazi, ridicule kills rational discussion of public policy.

They like to divine principals of those they consider opponents and try to use them against their enemies. Conservatives say Al Gore lives in a very large house. Hypocrite! Are you climate freaks driving a Prius and living in tents? If not, hypocrites.

I believe climate deniers will fade away because more and more people will realize action is required. The most minimal action is a tax on carbon at the source. The tax is returned to citizens each year in the form of a check. This helps the most vulnerable. Something like this now exists in Alaska. An Alaskan tax on extraction is taken and citizens get back a yearly check.

What if I am foolish? The smart people in our society will see that and no action will be taken to limit carbon production. If the Otto/Sampson/Brown clique thinks that, why are they agitated to ridicule those of us who believe we are advocating for a better planet?

One of them in a Feb. 21 letter spilled the beans. Smart people are not that smart. America will be forced to drop cheap coal. Energy will start to cost more. Things will change. Otto worked the calculator for us, but I think he was using his fists and not his fingers. He said climate alarmists were trying to scare others. Then he outlines a doomsday scenario of ever escalating energy prices foisted on him and others by a bunch of misguided fools.

I read seriously the opposing arguments. Too many people tell me they do not seriously read and think about letter content. This may be the public opinion pee wee league but many topics are serious. More people need to join the conversation.