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Your Opinion: Climate change a natural occurrence

Your Opinion: Climate change a natural occurrence

January 29th, 2014 by Nelson Otto, Jefferson City in News

Dear Editor:

I don't believe in man-made climate change and here's why.

Climate change is a natural occurrence that has gone on for about eight billion years, give or take a million. Evidence from fossil records, ice core samples and others show that in the history of this planet there have been temperatures much colder and much hotter than today.

As Kristie Scheulen alluded in her letter there are many things which control climate and I won't waste the space to list them here. Some of these things are difficult to measure, most are estimates and some are just educational guesses. The biggest thing I go by is the predictions and how accurate they are or not.

In 1988 predictions were made of how the world would look in 1997, they didn't come true. In 1999 claims were made for today. None of those came true. For example the Arctic not only has ice but has had an increase in ice. Antarctica also has an increase in ice. It is the largest it has been since the 70s. Florida isn't under water. Droughts and storms aren't as bad or as often as they were 84 years ago, per the national weather service. When we talk about cold temps and record cold temps they are always dismissed by climate alarmists and the statement that you cannot measure climate by weather, only by trends. While warm temps are a sign for panic, time to raise taxes, attack businesses and consumers that release CO2.

Yet nothing is being said about the report that just came out stating global temps have not increased in the last 11-15 years. More and more scientists are stating that man-made climate change isn't real. A great deal of effort is put into silencing them; just look at the responses to a local cartoon - calling Jim Dyke irresponsible and calls for censorship.

Even if there is global warming it wouldn't be a bad thing, studies show higher crop yields, longer growing seasons, increased range of warm climate crops and I sure could use warmer winters. Yet climate scientist who use the sun as the source of their climate models have an 85 percent accuracy in their predictions, and their present predictions are showing we are heading for a little ice age and considering how cold It is, I agree with them.

P.S. Please don't censor Dyke.