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Your Opinion: Theories not based on scientific data

Your Opinion: Theories not based on scientific data

January 28th, 2014 by Steve Sampson, Jefferson City in News

Dear Editor:

Wow! I guess you have to expect a few waves if you through a rock into the calm waters of man-made global warming. Since all those individuals that wrote letters to the editor supporting the idea that man-made global warming being true, I assume that these individuals do not use any fossil fuels. After all, it's the use of fossil fuels that have been adding the CO2, which they say is causing our climate change.

I assume that they have solar panels and windmills that supply their electricity. Or better yet, why don't they eliminate their electric use completely. After all we lived for at least 200 years without electricity in the USA. I assume that these people all drive electric cars so that the use of gasoline doesn't add more CO2 to our atmosphere.

Wait a minute, how in the world are they going to charge the batteries of their cars without the use of electricity? I repeat, there is no scientific data that proves that man is causing the globe to warm; it's a theory that might not be true.

Every scientific theory involves assumptions. Global warming theory starts with the assumption that the Earth naturally maintains a constant average temperature, which is the result of a balance between the amount of sunlight the Earth absorbs, and the amount of emitted infrared ("IR") radiation that the Earth continuously emits to outer space. In other words, energy in equals energy out. Most organizations that support man-made global warming say, "What else could be causing the earth to warm"?

NASA says the Earth has increased in temperature, 1.4 F since 1880. Two thirds of this increase has been in recent years.

Did we measure temperature the same way back in 1880 as we do now? Maybe, maybe not.

I am skeptical of these scientists due to most of them also believing in the theory of evolution, rather than man being created by God. There is absolutely no scientific data proving the theory of evolution. Like with the man-made global warming hoax, they say, "how else could it have happened"?

That's not scientific data; it's an opinion and a very weak one at that. If these so called "brilliant minds" can buy into the myth of evolution, then everything else they support is suspect.