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Your Opinion: Pessimism poll response

Your Opinion: Pessimism poll response

January 14th, 2014 by Linda Wenzlick, Jefferson City in News

Dear Editor:

The pessimistic opinion piece from Jan. 8 got my attention. Emphasis was given to how Americans now are filled with "doom and gloom" regarding the future. Heavy reliance on this poll is not warranted as its respondents are not representative of the population of America at large.

Those questioned were 50 years of age or older. Also 815 of those questioned answered from land lines compared to 209 from cell phones. This should be a red flag to anyone using this data. This info tells us that the largest group of respondents was seniors. They are the ones most likely to still have land lines.

What this poll should have said is: older Americans are pessimistic about the future, but that wouldn't have been news. They expressed fears about technology - dah! Also not a revelation. When hasn't the older generation questioned the morals of younger generations?

In my view this newspaper peddles hate almost daily. The usual amigos, George Will, Cal Thomas, and Jay Ambrose never have a positive thing to say about any good that has been done by our president, rather making him responsible for everything from bubonic plague to climate change, throwing up any and everything to see what will stick!

Even the choice of articles that appear on our front page daily catalog any negative thing that a Democrat can do, yet when every other news outlet is covering the Gov. Christy exposé, where is the info in our paper?

Having been a teacher in Jefferson City for over 25 years I can tell you that the younger generation does not feel or support this hate. Kids are far more open and supportive toward each other. Twenty/thirty somethings have been around, played and worked with folks of different ethnic backgrounds and sexual orientations with no adverse effects. They embrace technology with all its warts. The crazy they see and hear from those in government they want no part of.

I agree that we need to continue to promote education. It is the key to moving our country forward, in any form from on-the-job training to college. We need to promote preschool education. Kindergarten is no longer naps and graham crackers. Reading begins her and it's serious business. Having our kids ready for it should be job one!

It's time for us older folks to accept change and pay it forward.