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Your Opinion: Non-workable idea on health insurance

Your Opinion: Non-workable idea on health insurance

February 20th, 2014 by Steve Sampson, Jefferson City in News

Dear Editor:

When I was studying physics in college, of which discipline I have my degree, there was this engine we studied that is called "The Carnot Heat Engine." This engine is perfect and only theoretical as it can not be built. If the Carnot heat engine could be built, then we could have an electric generator supply the power to it's prime mover its motor. There are no perfect engines similar to the Carnot heat engine.

In the 1970s an individual I worked with came up with the bright idea, when the federal government was having problems with revenue, that Washington should give every person a million dollars. They would then pay taxes on the million and just imagine how much revenue the federal government would receive. That thinking is similar to the perfect Carnot heat engine I studied in college. Neither of these ideas would work.

These two non-workable ideas came to mind when I read a letter in the Feb. 14 News Tribune stating that Obama care would "liberate Americans from their dependence upon employer-provided health care."

This freedom would allow individuals to stop working, keep health insurance, and pursue other self-fulfilling endeavors. After all, there are many people that work only because they need or want health insurance. Why in the world should these individuals be saddled with a job just because they need or want health insurance?

The question I have is, who pays for an individual's health insurance allowing them to quit their job and go find themselves in some field somewhere? The answer is, those people that pay taxes pay. Why should the taxpayer be given the added burden of paying for the health insurance of wannabe freeloaders? If one studies those countries that have been and are run by Socialist Communists that form of government doesn't work except for those in charge. If people are not afforded the opportunity to better themselves, they lose the desire and drive to try. Maybe that's why we have generation after generation on welfare in our country.

On another subject, look at the carbon we are not putting into the atmosphere due to the airlines cancelling those flights, due to global warming caused snow and ice storms in the east. You man-made global warming people should be elated! Maybe you could now quit your job and study to be a weather man?