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Your Opinion: Horstmann's views challenged

Your Opinion: Horstmann's views challenged

September 19th, 2013 by Dale Reichel, California in News

Dear Editor:

I wonder if Mr. Horstmann is really as ignorant as his letters read. In response to many of his letters and in particular Sept. 13:

He like other conservatives keeps saying liberal press. I suppose Horstmann is a capitalist and privatizer like most Republicans. Doesn't he know most all of our media is privately owned, big corporations, the wealthy.

Obama is a warrior also, I agree drones etc. and yes he has not gotten our forces out of the Middle East - Bush's wars. I doubt if Obama would have started two wars like that, like Bush and his buddies did. He is not that stupid. Trillions spent, thousands upon thousands of innocents killed.

Horstmann talks about nukes in Iran, North Korea, Libya, Benghazi. Okay, Horstmannn do you want boots on the ground in all those places? If so I want you and John McCain to go fight on the ground and back up your talk.

How many parties, or golf, how many trips to Crawford, Texas, did Bush make? All the fuel we paid for.

Mr. Horstmann, Bush was an incompetent leader too in my opinion. Remember our economic crash. Remember the job market. Remember the trampling on our civil rights. Remember the debt Bush and his Republican congresses' spending. I do. Remember Bush and Ashcroft trying to take out our Social Security and overtime pay? I do.

Thank God for Fox News, Hannity, Limbaugh, Horstmann says. These guys spin news and opinions like a kitchen mixer. They are biased for sure.

I challenge your ignorance Mr. Horstmann. Listen to "Democracy Now" on KOPN 89.5 at 8 a.m. and many other good shows on the same station. Read some of the books on the market.

You are missing out.