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Your Opinion: Signs of the times: "Impeach Obama'

Your Opinion: Signs of the times: "Impeach Obama'

September 13th, 2013 by Charles Schroeder, Westphalia in News

Dear Editor:

Recently we took a trip East and North and along the way noticed stations or stands set up with signs stating "Impeach Obama" and "It's the Empire Stupid: Impeach the Puppet."

We needed fuel about halfway into our trip and pulled into a service station at an intersection. I went over and talked to one of the black men working at the intersection. He stated that this president and his administration has done more harm to this country, the middle class, the working man, then any past president. I asked him about the black population. He said he wants to keep us all in poverty, under government control. We need a work program not welfare.

Some of the president's speeches at the University of Galseburg in Illinois and in Warrensburg championed the middle class. This will be the central focus of his remaining days in office; creating manufacturing jobs, reigning in education costs, implementing his health care law.

He spends one third of his time flying around, campaigning or just getting out of Washington because of a scandal or some crisis - plus vacation and golf. Manufacturing under all the rules, regulations and fines from DNR and EPA and Affordable HealthCare law - how can they continue to operate.

The national teachers' union is one of the biggest supporters and one of the biggest enemies of our students. I get a little confused, do we have a public education system or a public indoctrination system. If this administration has its way, public schools will start indoctrinating four to six -year -olds in the near future.

We can tell this administration is high on education and equal rights when the attorney general files law suits against the state of Louisianna for giving vouchers to students in poor performing schools to allow them school of choice so they can better themselves.

We all remember you put a stop to the state of Arizona from enforcing federal immigration laws. If this administration does not like a law or a part of a law, they file a law suit or just use executive orders to alter or disallow enforcement of the law.

Now we have the Syria crisis and no person knows where this will end. One year ago in August President Obama laid down a red line that Assad should not use chemical weapons. Guess what? One year to the day Assad's military used chemical gas that killed 1,429 of his countrymen.

Assad called Obama's bluff with the support of Iran and North Korea. All three countries want to see how far they can push the limit.