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Your Opinion: Columnist perpetuates "blame-Bush' agenda

Your Opinion: Columnist perpetuates "blame-Bush' agenda

September 13th, 2013 by Harold H. Horstmann, Lohman in News

Dear Editor:

I'd like to comment on the "White House Watch" piece "It's time for Obama to explain himself" by Ann McFeatters of Scripps Howard News Service published Sept. 9 in the News Tribune.

No matter how hard the liberal press tries to make it sound like they're really going after Obama it seems to always come back to everything is George Bush's fault.

Quoting from her article: "Obama insisted this won't be another war. This is not Iraq. This is not Afghanistan. But after the lies told before the Iraq war during the Bush administration, the American people, who have been at war for more than a decade, don't believe him."

Translation: Obama's whole problem with Syria is Bush's fault. Really Ms. McFeatters?

Obama has had four and one half years to do something right in our foreign policy. What about the lies he's told about the "Arab spring". Where's just one success? I can think of several failures like Libya and Benghazi, Egyptian civil war, Iran's nukes, increasing violence in Iraq, North Korean nukes and saber rattling, Russia making a fool of him and who knows what's going on in Afghanistan and Pakistan? In general, he's made a mess of our foreign policy and as a result our respect on the world stage is vanishing rapidly.

Her last paragraph tops it all. She writes, "Obama is tired. The problems thrust upon him are overwhelming, and too many Republicans have shirked their governing duties seemingly just to thwart him."

It's unbelievable that anyone with any credibility as an apparent journalist would have the gall to write such nonsense. It's no wonder he's tired. He's played golf 143 times and had 150 fundraisers since being in office. But hey, everybody should know, everything that's wrong in our country or the world is either the Republican's or Bush's fault.

Ms. McFeatters, he doesn't have to explain himself to intelligent, informed voters. We know what an incompetent, immature leader he is. He's a charismatic, narcissistic person who has no core beliefs. What else can he do but let others cover for him. He's the president and the only way he can look presidential is to be a spokesperson for the incompetent liberal progressives he's appointed like Hillary Clinton and John Kerry who are running our state department.

Thank God for Fox news and people like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Gary Nolan! Where would we be without them?