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Your Opinion: Don't expect GOP to help families

Your Opinion: Don't expect GOP to help families

September 6th, 2013 by Linda Wenzlick, Jefferson City in News

Dear Editor:

Again this weekend we heard from Congressman Luetkemeyer waxing on for line after line about how he and the GOP have been working for families in Missouri. No bigger lies have ever been written!

The one thing you can count on is that today's GOP is not family friendly, unless your family is on their "good" list or "big donor" list. Its priorities are evident in the farm bill debacle which continues subsidies for farms, most of whom are very profitable corporate enterprises with several owned by folks currently serving in Congress. But cuts to the SNAP program used mostly families with children at or near the poverty line shows their true family spirit. How nice.

Contrary to the congressman's rhetoric, there have been no job bills put forth by the GOP. We have crumbling infrastructure all across the US and many out of work but nothing has been done by the House to remedy this situation. We will, however, have an nth repeal for ACA.

Second, our congressman boasts about "unsuccessful" bills put forth to help us. I find the whole idea of that sheer lunacy. It's like making a casserole for your family, finding they don't like it, then making it again and expecting them to want it the next time. No family with good sense would do such a thing because it wastes time and money, but the GOP seems to not understand such lessons. Further we are supposed to tolerate these wasteful, pandering schemes. When will Congressman Luetkemeyer work across the aisle to achieve real results for families?

Then our congressman tells us that we need tax cuts yet we have the Sequestration brought to us by everyone serving in Congress today. It has tax cuts aplenty, decimating science research, federal worker's pay, national defense, and more but it's not enough? And be sure to worry about that national debt, but don't remember that it is going down faster now under the Obama administration than any time in recent history.

What regulations, specifically, need changed and why? Lastly, wonder of wonders, Luetkemeyer tells us that gas is too high, intimating that it is President Obama's doing, rather than speculators and the world market that determine gas prices.

Don't expect the GOP to help our families. It's just not in their DNA.