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Your Opinion: GOP tax cut would bankrupt state

Your Opinion: GOP tax cut would bankrupt state

September 1st, 2013 by Tony Smith, Jefferson City in News

Dear Editor:

You have to ask are Republicans trying to bankrupt the state. Why are they willing to slash state income? Do they actually believe their own propaganda?

We have long ago stopped being the Show Me state. We have too many citizens willing to believe one loony fantasy after another. Such as Obama is a Muslim, Glenn Beck had a relative at the 1773 Tea Party, the United Nations is after us and cutting revenue produces streets of gold.

A few weeks back an ally of Rex Sinquefield published an article carried around the state called "Numbers don't lie ...". The article claimed a low tax miracle in Kansas was eclipsing economic development in Missouri. We were told Bureau of Economic Development data showed remarkable gains in Kansas for the non-farm employment versus Missouri's numbers. When you look up the numbers it's totally bogus. Economic non-farm growth for the past 12 months as of July 2013 is Missouri 1.8 percent to a Kansas growth of 1.2 percent. Some economic miracle! Numbers do not lie, liars lie. We are being played for fools.

The attempt to wreck the Missouri economy by yet another billionaire is just this brazen. Missouri has one of the lowest state income tax systems in the U.S. but it is not low enough for some of the very wealthy. All over America extremely wealthy citizens are trying to buy the government that they want and succeeding. If compliant Missouri legislators cave to the wishes of Sinquefield, you and I will foot the bill. Forget the $6 a month you will get back in taxes and be prepared for much worse. That will be higher sales and property taxes.

I have family in Kansas and some are Republican. They are not amused by the Koch brothers attack on the state treasury. The hole blown in the Kansas budget has yet to be rectified. If Kansas schools and city governments are to survive then income will have to be generated elsewhere. It will not be any different here if the veto on HB253 is overturned.

Decades of demeaning government and the fairy tale that doing away with taxes will produce an economic miracle will lead to a grim reality. You cannot get something for nothing. What is even sadder is the pittance that politicians get for doing the bidding of their masters. Low information voters meet poorly informed legislators.