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Your Opinion: Tea party created to protect liberty

Your Opinion: Tea party created to protect liberty

October 28th, 2013 by Philip Todd, Holts Summit in News

Dear Editor:

In reference to Tony Smith's Oct 20 letter stating there were no winners in the government shutdown, I agree. Just business as usual. Democrats have failed to pass a budget for going on the sixth year and instead hold Americans hostage and blame Republicans for continuing resolution battles every four months. What do they expect?

Americans are weary of the incompetence of the White House and Democrat-controlled Senate. The government shutdown was a farce of an executive order signed by Obama and selective "closures" were meant to inflict the most inconvenience on honest Americans while Obama kept his two chefs.

I just returned from vacation and you cannot believe the indignant feelings I have for this government after attempting to visit the Flight 93 Memorial in Pennsylvania, only to find a locked gate. The same was repeated when driving the hallowed grounds of Gettysburg only to find parking lots barricaded. We could not set foot in either memorial to Americans, who sacrificed their lives to preserve the very liberty our bloated, incompetent, out-of-control government has lost sight of.

Our government was instituted to protect our individual liberties. Not ration our "liberty" according to performance expectations of servants in serfdom. Government that is big enough to give things is also big enough to take away things. Just wait until they control your health care. What else might they withhold to control us?

The tea party was created in response to the radical actions of Democrat socialist transformations. Our platforms are constitutionally limited government, free markets, and fiscal accountability, the blueprint that made America successful.

The tea party ideology exists because we truly care about America. We don't act under the pretense of caring like the liberals claim. The radicals in typical communist revolutionary standards use smiling media to tell you bad is good and good is bad. However the tea party is good standing up for good standing up for American exceptionalism and your freedom.

The radicals of the left are the real terrorists and the line has been crossed. Lucky for America there are many good people who understand the extreme danger of the crossroads we have reached if radicals continue to get their way unabated.

Attend a local tea party meeting. Find out the truth of what we are really about and quit listening to the radicals on the left. They really don't care about individual liberty or freedom. They just steal people's dignity.