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Your Opinion: House GOP trying to save country

Your Opinion: House GOP trying to save country

October 15th, 2013 by Steven Brown, Holts Summit in News

Dear Editor:

You have to be able to read the letters and hold your nose at times. At other times, such as Tony Smith's letter on Oct. 6, the smell just over comes you.

The United States of America is the leader, the only superpower of the western civilization, yes, the House is in the process of saving this country as we know it.

You see this so called "crybaby" shutdown is called the process of government under a system called a republic. The contract/rules are written down in this thing you and liberals like you ignore, called the Constitution.

It is the job of the House to represent the people. Obama carried 27 states and won by 3,477,000 votes, not the "more than four million" you stated. Obama carried all the heavy populated states which depend heavily on government assistance.

Also they are union bastions as well. Gee, don't know about you, but I smell, I mean, sense a pattern.

But progressives like to embellish and you are quite the wordsmith (no pun intended). But please embellish on how the system was jerry-rigged (as you say) to keep a Republican House. Facts do better than just holding your breath and calling names.

You go further by referring to patriotic Americans that believe this country is exceptional and in the Constitution as "gullible" and "kamikaze politicians." As a liberal, I was under the impression that freedom of speech and opinions were precious and protected.

Guess not so much if they disagree with you. Don't worry, no matter how wrong you are, you have the right to your opinion.

Here are some 101 history lessons for you and other progressives/liberals. Fifty-five miles per hour was the law of the land and that got changed. The House has an equal say in any laws and absolute say in what funds are allocated to what programs and or departments. It's called a republic.

It's not about lawlessness, it's about our country.