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Your Opinion: Liberal "whiners' spend other people's money

Your Opinion: Liberal "whiners' spend other people's money

October 9th, 2013 by Bert Dirschell, Centertown in News

Dear Editor:

It is so tiring to hear liberals continuous whining about "the mean-spirited nature of conservatives." I have found one thing on which liberals and I have a similar position, both of us want to spend my money.

In a recent Opinion, Tony Smith points out that Obama won by over four million votes. With all those liberals why is there a problem? Don't they know how to write a check to one of the many groups that help the poor; or is the real issue that they only want to help the poor if they can do it with someone else's money? If the states who voted for Obama are so interested in "helping the poor" why don't they do so on their own?

The Obama's tax records provide an example of how much liberals really want to help the poor. From 2000-04 the Obama's adjusted gross income (AGI) averaged $243,000 (rich liberals?) They donated less than 1 percent of that to tax deductible charities. After being elected as a senator, and probably after realizing that his tax returns would be scrutinized if he ran for the presidency, the Obama's upped their charitable giving dramatically. From 2005-2009 the Obama's AGI averaged nearly $3 million per year (very rich liberals.) They increased their charitable giving to a still pitiful 5.9 percent of their AGI. What a sacrifice, they had to scrape by on only $1.8 million a year, after taxes and charitable contributions.

Is it possible that many of those who voted for Obama are the true "mean spirited"? They appear to believe that most Americans are too stupid to make good decisions on how to spend their money and that only the god of government is capable of solving problems. Government has spent trillions on welfare programs and we have a record number of people on welfare. Is anyone shocked when we get more of the behavior government rewards?

If you think the government is doing a good job managing your money I hope you watched 60 Minutes Sunday night. If you did you got a glimpse of how the incompetents running the Social Security Administration are allowing it to be scammed out of millions of dollars a year in disability claims. If you missed the show check it out online at