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Your Opinion: Governments past and present

Your Opinion: Governments past and present

October 6th, 2013 by James W. White, Jefferson City in News

Dear Editor:

My grandfather was a good Republican because his father was. I believe he would have voted for Adolf Hitler during World War II if Hitler ran for president under the Republican Party. My father voted Republican because his father did. This is part of the problem today. Many people never read a paper or magazine so they know nothing about the people they vote for.

Half the people don't vote so they deserve what they get. Some politicians don't understand why Social Security and Medicare was started.

Take the money out of the economy and then you can see what it was like in the "30s. Long bread lines, parents moving in with their children, few people had cars. Some politicians are just mean and greedy and some are second- and third-generation little rich boys that daddy paid their way through college and they never did anything on their own, but take and now think they have all the answers.

Rep. Luetkemeyer states that since 2009 our country has lost more than 700,000 construction jobs and 592,000 manufacturing jobs. We could put these people back to work if the no-no boys in Congress would release the funds. No, cutting taxes to the rich does not create jobs. It only makes the rich richer. Let me know of a business that hires people they don't need.

You pat yourself on the back for getting the farm bill passed for farmers and dropping food stamps then bring it up later after dropping thousands of dollars from it. I don't mind helping farmers that need help the same as city folks that draw unemployment, but to give thousands to very rich people including some rich politicians show you really want to cut spending.

Republican President Hoover thought it would spoil people if the government helped them and we had a nice depression. Democrat Roosevelt believed in helping people that needed it and we became the greatest nation on earth.

Raising taxes on the rich does not cost jobs. In the "40s taxes were about twice what they are now. The same thing happened with Bush and Clinton.

A big hog was eating food from the federal trough when a little piggy asked for some crumbs. The big hog said no. I want it all.