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Your Opinion: Abortion disrespects natural law

Your Opinion: Abortion disrespects natural law

November 10th, 2013 by Judy A Bax, Osage Bend in News

Dear Editor:

A thank you to Mr. Horstmann for his letters regarding "pallative care." I totally agree, "it disrespects the natural law"? When you realize that life begins at conception it all comes together. For the last 40 years abortion has been the law of the land. Over 55,000,00 pre-born babies have died many in painful deaths as they were ripped limb from limb or inhale strong salt solution burning their lungs as it eats away their skin or the late term at the hands of people such as Gosnell. Talk about disrespecting the natural law?

Horstmann is against abortion, yet understands the motivation by mothers to support it. Use the same excuse(s) to justify abortion and you will understand the motivation by those who support pallative care.

For the past 40 years, we have not stood up for the unborn who have no voice, why should the abortion holocaust survivors, those under 40 years of age, be not motivated to stand up for us when the handbook of excuses has worked so well? They now have a few added features , it's called a drain on Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid plus there is the inheritance tax and "they have lived their lives" (something taken away from pre-born babies.) At what point do the American people stand up for their rights and say enough. Amazing what a difference it makes when it is one's very own life is on the line.

He states "it probably wouldn't be much different than killing someone on a video game." There is no difference in killing a pre-born baby or an old person - a life is a life. What right does anyone have to overide the wishes, guess this comes under the same shadow of the constitution that was used by the Supreme Court to legalize the killing of the pre-born.

One of the pro-lifer's goals is to get people to understand it is a baby not a glob of tissue. They have succeeded; however moms are still paying to have their babies killed. Just imagine for a moment if the word got out that you could take a puppy in to have it killed ( or for that matter someone on death row) using one of the methods used to kill pre-born babies.

As the song goes "Have we Forgotten," the old saying the old saying. "What goes around comes around "and "Sow shall you reap."

Mr. Horstmann is right, "God help us."