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Your Opinion: Problems center on lack of ethics

Your Opinion: Problems center on lack of ethics

May 24th, 2013 by Harold Horstmann, Lohman in News

Dear Editor:

I would like to comment on Michael Hicks letter published May 21 in the News Tribune.

Hicks made some valid points, however it seems to me that he's not concerned about morals or ethics but only the economy and the cause of that which he says is the "War in Politics."

I feel Hicks should understand, that the many scandals the Democrats have on their hands today are totally because of a lack of morals and ethics not because of political war. Political war is the symptom, not the disease and the disease must be attacked and defeated.

The liberal media and Democrats have, and always will, protect Obama at all costs and without regard to morals and ethics

They continue to report and spin every disagreement with his corrupt policies and incompetence as caused by someone or something else.

Their primary and most powerful enemy is the Republican Party and from their standpoint, must be defeated.

Yes, it is War in Politics. But what are decent, moral people to do when the information from our media is largely slanted toward the leader of the party that appears to embrace the culture of corruption. It may look like war, but I see it as our government in action as it should be to protect our constitutional rights!

How would you stop the government's obvious questionable actions in their violations of our privacy and First Amendment rights, protection for our ambassadors overseas, ignoring our immigration laws, using the IRS for political advantage in an election? The list goes on and on.

If the populace were governed by a moral and ethical administration and trust of government to guarantee our constitutional rights were reinstated, there would be no need for political war.

The only war fought would be in our courts and fought by attorneys in front of judges driven by the rule of law not ideology. Eventually there would be no need for political war because everyone would be on the same page, the pages of the Constitution.

Instead, since the current party in power is being driven by the quest for more power and greed and consequently the only option to curtail a corrupt administration is what you call political war.

What I call it is the beginning of a necessary government housecleaning and I hope it's successful for our country's sake.