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Your Opinion: ISRS viewpoints vary - opposes

Your Opinion: ISRS viewpoints vary - opposes

May 10th, 2013 by Sylvester Kesel, St. Elizabeth in News

Dear Editor:

Mr. Pavely, regarding your letter about ISRS, according to the Webster New Collegiate dictionary, "Surcharge" is defined as a charge over the normal or usual rate, to overcharge, an excessive charge, load or burden. You indicate that it is not a rate increase. How do you arrive at that conclusion? There was no ISRS surcharge on my last Ameren bill.

You and others tout the jobs that will be created if we are forced to pay the surcharge. Just where are they going to be? What type of jobs are they? You and a lot of other people keep telling us about all these jobs, but give no definitive description of them. Surely, if you know enough about them to present their existence to us, you can define them to us. Every politician who wants to spend the people's money, tells us that the money will produce jobs. Show us the jobs.

It is my opinion that if Ameren gets this money, their people will be doing the work and Ameren will be getting paid twice for the same upkeep to their system that they should be paying for out of operating revenues that they now collect from our monthly payment to them.

I am in complete agreement with Mr. Kettler, whose letter appeared in the News Tribune the same say as yours.