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Your Opinion: Christians values worth defending

Your Opinion: Christians values worth defending

May 10th, 2013 by Harold Horstmann, Lohman in News

Dear Editor:

I'm probably being viewed by most of your readers as "Chicken Little," but when are Christians ever going to get enough gumption to say enough is enough.

Has anyone heard of Derrick Hayes? This young Columbus Texas High School anchor runner on a 4 X 100 meter relay last week caused his entire team to be disqualified for a chance to go to the state championships.

You know what he did that was so outrageous? He pointed to the sky as he crossed the finish line and his father said he believed his son was giving thanks to God. State scholastic rules prohibit excessive celebrations, which includes raising one's hands.

It seems to me that most Christians today seem to think our freedoms were just handed to us on a silver platter. Is belonging to a church and praying all that is required to be a Christian?

I, because I'm from the old school, strongly believe that if George Washington were of the same Christian culture that we have been taught to accept since the "50s we would still be British subjects.

I also believe that if Abraham Lincoln were of the same Christian culture that we have been taught to accept since the "50s our black Americans would still be slaves.

Both of these men were devout Christians and had Christians fighting and dying for them solely for our freedoms that were yearned for since the days of the Pilgrims.

Where are the Christians who are even willing to make a noise about our religious freedom being openly destroyed by a bunch of atheistic leftist liberals? It's really interesting how the leftist liberals have zeroed in on Christian beliefs.

Think about it. There's Tim Tebow released by the Jets (and we all know why) yet Jason Collins was made a hero by a phone call from Obama just because he "came out of the closet." Then there's Mikey Weinstein whose apparent role is to prosecute chaplains who share the Gospel with soldiers. Now Derrick Hayes. What will it be next week?

I wonder how many supporters of the Second Amendment are Christian NRA members? If there was half the interest and support for the First Amendment as the Second, this would be a different country and one I could still be proud to be a part of instead of a frustrated observer of its destruction.