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Your Opinion: Trial coverage insufficient

Your Opinion: Trial coverage insufficient

May 9th, 2013 by Steve Sampson, Jefferson City in News

Dear Editor:

I am amazed at the lack of coverage of the first-degree murder trial in Philadelphia of Dr. Kermit Gosnell. This individual, I don't call him a man as a man would not have done what he is on trial for, killed little babies that were born alive during an abortion procedure. He is even accused of killing at least one of the mothers with an overdose of drugs.

I haven't read about this in our local paper and haven't seen it covered in depth by the mainstream news media to the degree that the trials of Lindsay Lohan are covered. ABC's GMA covers the trial of Jodi Arias each and every day, but seldom if ever even mentions the trial of Gosnell. Why is that?

Could it be that Gosnell is associated with the highly effective abortion industry and they must not say anything to highlight his murderous rampage, as this would cause people to ponder just what was going on in his "killing field"? I say highly effective as each baby patient dies, and that is the objective!

How in the world can a nation that was founded on the Judeo-Christian ethic, stoop to such barbaric acts of indecency to the most vulnerable amongst us, a baby in the womb of their mother? It goes to show you what man's inhumanity to man can become. The killing of a born alive baby from an abortion is called infanticide. Our dear ruler voted three times to allow this in Illinois, and not charge the doctor with murder, while he was in their legislature.

How is this any different than what SS did in WW2 Germany? The enlightened amongst us will no doubt explain their demented, warped reasoning, but it is still killing of innocent little babies in my book. I would also say that according to the KJV Bible it is 100 percent against what our creator God had in mind when he created mankind.

Wait a minute; remember those who kill their babies and those that kill babies for money don't necessarily believe in a creator God therefore, "no problem man." Boy are they going to be shocked when they stand before the Great White Throne!