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Your Opinion: Democrats and shaggy dogs

Your Opinion: Democrats and shaggy dogs

March 20th, 2013 by Robert C. Beatty, Jefferson City in News

Dear Editor:

I am slow to comment on Mark Bruenger's warning about Democrats where he suggests there ought to be a law that Democratic politicians leave Missouri in 90 days or be sentenced to 10 years at hard labor.

We know what the Democrats did to our savior, how they corrupt our young women, how they would destroy America. He did not warn about Democrats who pretend to be Republicans in order to infiltrate and destroy the Republican party. They are hard to identify. I would suggest that Republicans prove that none of their parents or grandparents had ever been Democrats, that they never associated with known Democrats and take an oath that they are not now and have never been Democrats. I would even test Bruenger to be sure he is not a Democrat.

He has this tendency like liberals of seeming to care about people. Vocational testing might indicate he has a calling to be a reverend.

As a reverend his word would have the weight of centuries of theological wisdom. I will even lend him my five-minute conversion sermon.

On a hot summer day a shaggy dog was going down a dusty path. It decided to stop and roll around in the dust awhile. Some cockleburs struck in the dog's fur. It walked further down the path and decided to roll in the dust again. Some cockleburs dropped off.

What is the probability that a plant would know a shaggy dog would come by and have seeds with hooks ready for it. Insects understand boll weevils attack the crops of non-believers more often that the faithful.

Bruenger could achieve sainthood. The Muslim countries are in need of missionaries who preach love, brotherhood and tolerance.