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Your Opinion: Counter-offer in deer hunting debate

Your Opinion: Counter-offer in deer hunting debate

March 17th, 2013 by Cal Winter, Jefferson City in News

Dear Editor:

To Donna Bernskoetter, Nelson Otto and Jerry Cliburn I say "Shame on you." You all present verbiage in defense of our huge and destructive deer population. Your statements will satisfy people who already strongly agree with you. More thoughtful readers should see that, while you seem to be approaching the topic rationally your arguments don't really make sense.

Nelson Otto wants readers to assume that I'm antigun and anti-hunting. He says that there have been no reports of wasting venison. Most of my associates and I have lived near the low end of the socio-economic spectrum. I know what happens to nearly all donated venison. Nelson tells a funny story about a stupid woman and a deer-crossing sign.

Jerry Cliburn gives us a virtual confession to brutally wounding many deer with his recurve bow until he "eventually did the impossible and harvested a deer with it." He claims to be "genuinely sorry for all the traffic accidents and deaths caused by deer." Then he explains that "deer are beautiful animals" and fall is a good time to be outdoors. He also enjoys "fellowship with other hunters." Jerry asks me what I "see as the solution to the problem?" Kill the deer, Jerry.

Donna Bernskoetter gets in a couple of lame shots and then suggests that we "agree to disagree." Donna, I'll make a counter offer. How about if we agree that I'm right and you're wrong?