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Your Opinion: Abundance of laws, rules choke freedoms

Your Opinion: Abundance of laws, rules choke freedoms

June 30th, 2013 by Jim Rau, Chamois in News

Dear Editor:

As we celebrate July 4 this year it is time to think of those brave men and their families who risked everything including their lives to found this great country of the land of the free and the home of the brave.

What would they think of our country today with so much of our freedom taken away by thousands and thousands of laws and regulations often written to benefit special interest groups but apply to every one of us. Over the years the combination of this multitude of laws and regulations has taken our country to the point that we are losing a lot of the precious freedom that the founders envisioned and which led to the growth of our country becoming the envy of the world.

Today almost every citizen and business is impacted by laws and regulations that restrict what we can and cannot do and very soon will affect the health care of every citizen of this country. Plus we pay the taxes to implement all these laws and regulations with so much wasted on foolish projects.

Case in point is a $7 million-plus bicycle bridge across the river used very little for the purpose it was built for. Many of these regulations are written by elected officials and some, not all, just looking ahead to next election and what will help them get re-elected. It is past time to write one more law and that is when a new law or regulation is approved at least two or more must be repealed. The path we are on now will lead to a country where our children and grandchildren will not enjoy the wonderful gift of freedom that we have had and the opportunity we have had to make our dreams come true.

Due to all the barricades of laws and regulations on the roads they will travel on if the brakes are not applied sooner rather than later.