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Your Opinion: GOP targets IRS, ignores other issues

Your Opinion: GOP targets IRS, ignores other issues

June 12th, 2013 by Linda Wenzlick, Jefferson City in News

Dear Editor:

Recently we were treated to another "I'm working hard for you" letter from Congressman Luetkemeyer, its subject - the current problems with organizations obtaining tax free status.

He told us that this is the worst abuse of government he has ever seen. Really? Again we see that our congressman is skilled at regurgitating GOP talking points to make another mountain out of a molehill. Now make no mistake, I along with many Americans, want as much fairness as possible in our Internal Revenue Service, but is this an earth-shaking problem? Hardly! Congressman Issa is poised to waste precious taxpayer dollars and time to put on this circus in what is sure to become another photo op for Republicans "seeking truth and justice" while ignoring the most pressing issues of Americans today - jobs and the economy and Luetkemeyer is right there in the ring.

In our own city we have seen water main breakage in very old pipes, many of our bridges and overpasses are ancient, sidewalks are filled with cracks and upended pavement, and more. Think how many tax dollars and time will be wasted on the Issa show this summer and how much good could be done with this money in our city and others around our country? How many bridges could be repaired? How many more Americans could be put back to work? It's estimated that the money lost to taxpayers to try to get rid of ACA cost over $80,000,000 alone. It's hard to swallow GOP rhetoric about government abuses when this is their version of governance.

To us in the real world the hoopla over super pacs not being given their "fair share" of tax exemptions will be but a blip on our radar. America has bigger worries. Right here in Jefferson City kids will go hungry this summer; folks will get sick due to lack of access to air conditioning, and more.

I remember a day when folks on both sides of the aisle worked for a better America, considering this work a sacred honor. Now some just use us to build their egos and pocketbooks. Senator Dole told us recently that today's GOP is devoid of ideas. Here's what he was working on ...

What a difference. So turn off your TV. Go boating. Watch little league games. Garden. Take vacations. You won't miss a thing.