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Your Opinion: Technology and our future

Your Opinion: Technology and our future

July 12th, 2013 by Larry Russell Johnson, Jefferson City in News

Dear Editor:

But should technology give a false sense of security, we may find ourselves in a nightmare.

So how was it that flourishing civilizations were created by ancient people and then collapsed.

Destroyed by the forces of nature or by man.

Spiritual aspirations of ancient man reveal not only a remarkable continuity of religious thought but also the social structures of the civilizations that produced them. It was the lower classes who did the actual building.

"Does technology alter the values by which we live, or do our values determine the technology that will be developed?" Gerald Leinwand.

We recognize that technology has advanced more in the last 150 years than all the previous 5,500 years of human civilization combined.

Clearly scholars agree that faith, family and freedom is the contributing factor in a more opened-minded and informed citizenry.

With the advent of the middle class and the industrial revolution was the perfect storm for the societal change resulting from the introduction of machinery and large scale production. England from c. 1760.

The industrial state replaced the agricultural state during the 19th century.

England abolished slavery in 1828 followed by the United States in 1865 as fallout of the industrial state.

"Many technological innovations that enhance the wealth and power of a society at a given time may paralyze it as a later date, for the usefulness of all technological developments has limitations that are inherent in the unchangeable aspects of man's biologic nature." Rene Dubos.

The scientific state replaced the industrial state by the year 2000. The progress of science and technology will bring about new institutions of marriage, of religion, of the family may all undergo radical change during the 21st century but through change and choice have become the condition of man.

President Barack Obama opened the golden door to the outhouse when he decided in the interest of world peace, global warming and his presidential legacy to eliminate all America's nuclear weapons, stop offshore oil exploration and coal burning in America.

Long after the human race has died and turned to dust, we leave behind a legacy for the future in our ruined structures and monuments.