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Your Opinion: Background check for Obama

Your Opinion: Background check for Obama

January 25th, 2013 by Mark Bruenger, Jefferson City in News

Dear Editor:

If background checks and registration of every gun transaction are desired does that mean gun thieves will break a few more laws when they steal a gun? Extra gun laws are always a way to control law abiding citizens rather than reduce crime. Also according to the brand new guns laws enacted by NYC every cop is in violation of the new law because no exemption was written to exempt police from the high-capacity magazine limitation requirement in the new law. Nobody is arresting the police so is the law really a law or just another way exert more control over law-abiding citizens?

One background check that has never been performed and is desperately needed is a background check on Obama. He only has access to nuclear weapons and doesn't own any firearms, or does he, so we should feel safe, right? Why don't we petition the president to perform a background check on himself? I wonder what kind of answer we will receive. From what information we know now about Obama he couldn't even obtain a secret clearance yet us peasants "need" to inform the government about ever gun transaction according to the new panic-driven beliefs of liberals.

Obama's job council hasn't held a meeting in over a year, so much for his laser-like focus on jobs. Keystone pipeline and LNG export terminal licenses are sitting on Obama's desk holding up millions of jobs as he increases unemployment benefits with borrowed money. Obama doesn't care about the America we know and love; he wants a weaker, socialist America.

Also, Attorney General Holder is desperately petitioning the court to not release Fast and Furious documents that will prove Holder and Obama tried to manufacture a gun slaughter in Mexico to justify the need for guns laws in the USA. If such documents are revealed Holder goes to jail unless Obama pardons Holder.