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Your Opinion: Thoughts on preventing gun violence

Your Opinion: Thoughts on preventing gun violence

January 24th, 2013 by James W. White, Jefferson City in News

Dear Editor:

If someone wants you dead you will probably get dead. Our laws, court orders, silly signs that say do not kill, steal, fish and no guns allowed only stop the good guys.

Everyone from president to a person in prison behind bars surrounded by guards has been killed. We cannot stop a child from being killed but we may stop 20 or 30 from being killed.

The only way most politicians know to fix anything is to spend a lot of money. Let a couple teachers have a concealed weapon. Some people don't think it is a good idea. Tell us why.

I think the sheriff and most law people would train the teachers that are willing at little or no cost.

At age 17 the federal government taught me how to shoot a gun and kill people, even sent me overseas to protect our country. I only had a 10th grade education and most teachers have a college degree so what is the big problem?

A few years ago I went to the Social Security office and inside was a guard. I then went to the income tax office and there was a big guard with a big gun inside the door and he was very nice. I told the guard he should hide inside so he could stop the bad guys before they eliminated him. The guard took my hand and put it on his tummy so I could feel his new vest. I raised my hand up and pointed between his eyes. The guard looked deep in thought and was either thinking smart aleck or the fact he could get hurt.

I left before he could shoot me.