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Your Opinion: Honesty needed

Your Opinion: Honesty needed

January 12th, 2013 by Charles W. Schroeder, Westphalia in News

Dear Editor:

I heard on the news that a thought has been presented to mint million dollar coins that would be placed in the treasury. Their value would be the value of the material they are made from but the treasury would count them at their face value further deflating our dollar.

It would be like me writing million behind the one on the dollar bill, taking it to a bank and trying to deposit it for a million dollars. I couldn't do this but the government can do it and count it as an asset.

This is stupid, but this administration may do it.

National debt, depletion of national defense, devaluing of our dollar and inflation will bring make this country a third world country. This is okay with President Obama because he is anti-America, anti-Christianity. He believes that the United States of America is an evil empire.

Look at the history of his life. Start with his grandfather, his father, his teachers, his professors in college, the persons he associated with in his adult live. Most are Communists, socialists, terrorists and anti-business.

Our national debt is over $16 trillion. Do you realize that everyone under the age of 16 now owes $216,000 in taxes to pay the debt. The president said he would not debate raising the debt ceiling. It will be raised.

The fiscal cliff was filled with so-called earmarks such as $430 million for Hollywood, $250 million for electric motorcycles, etc. For every $1 cut they spent $41.

For Superstorm Sandy, the administration and Senate passed a $60 billion bill, again filled with earmarks, money to Alaska, Mexico, Amtrack, that had nothing to do with the recovery. This administration and Senate has a plan, spend-spend-spend.

Our president and senators as a whole are a group of greedy, egotistical, arrogant, power grabbers, belonging to the Good Ole' Boys Club.

Our House of Representatives as a whole is trying to solve the problems and find solutions.

The problem is that the president, his administration and the news media treat them like criminals. They are passing bill after bill to solve our national problems. My hat is off to the representatives. Harry Reid will not take the bills to the floor.

I hope that there is one person in Washington, D.C., that will step forward, that is bold, honest, transparent, to tell it as it is and take the bull by the horns.