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Your Opinion: Hypocrisy on gun issue

Your Opinion: Hypocrisy on gun issue

January 8th, 2013 by Steve Sampson, Jefferson City in News

Dear Editor:

There is a big difference between owning an automobile and owning a gun, namely owning a gun is what the Second Amendment to the US Constitution guarantees to citizens. While I have researched the Constitution, I have not found any statement about a guarantee about owning a car, for citizens.

There have been comments in the letters section about my letter regarding automobile accidents - how they are "accidents" whereas a gun is only purchased to kill something. Question, if an individual gets in their legally purchased car, after having legally purchased several alcoholic beverages, at a legal establishment, then they get into an "accident" where the individual they hit dies, is this "just an accident" or is it murder?

There are even some bone heads that want to legalize recreational use of drugs! Oh wait a minute; there are states where you can smoke marijuana legally. We can't keep drunks off the highways and they want to allow dope heads behind the wheel of a car! I'm sure there will be laws against it, but aren't there also laws about drinking and driving? Approximately half the 34,485 automobile deaths for 2009 were alcohol related.

According to the CDC, the 15 leading causes of death in 2009 were:

Diseases of heart (heart disease); malignant neoplasms (cancer); chronic lower respiratory diseases; cerebrovascular diseases (stroke); accidents (unintentional injuries); alzheimer's disease; diabetes mellitus (diabetes); influenza and pneumonia; nephritis, nephrotic syndrome and nephrosis (kidney disease); intentional self-harm (suicide); septicemia.; chronic liver disease and cirrhosis; essential hypertension and hypertensive renal disease (hypertension); Parkinson's disease; assault (homicide).

Death by gun is way down on the list.

The latest year I could find statistics on how many abortions are performed in the USA was 2008 and there were 1.21 million or about 3,300 per day. There were 31,347 fire arm deaths in 2009 or 86 per day. Abortion deaths are not accidents; they are premeditated in the taking the life of another human being. Those on the left tell us that they are so concerned with human life when a fire arm is involved, but then tell us that it is a women's "right" to choose to end the life of their baby growing inside them. This is what I would call the height of hypocrisy